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Upgrade your people power

The Culture Accelerator One Day Live

When: 9.00am-5.00pm, 12th July 2019

Where: The Lion Hotel, Jerningham Room

              161 Melbourne St, North Adelaide

With: Paulette Kolarz, HR Expert and Business Coach

Get the knowledge, strategies and tools to create a culture that employees rave about (while side-stepping common people problems).

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You're in great company

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Build a Culture That Inspires a Motivated, Passionate & Productive Team

“Only 13% of employees are engaged in their job, or emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organisations improve. 63% are not engaged or simply unmotivated and unlikely to exert extra effort while the remaining 24% are actively disengaged."

Learn how to be in the top 13% with engaged, inspired and committed employees.

Skills You Will Take Away From This Workshop

Discover the key principals of building highly performing teams 

Feel in control of your HR activities by building a clear 12-month plan of attack.

Be a leading business that people not only want to work for but rave about working at. 

Get in front of people issues by identifying what key trends are impacting workplaces and preparing in advance. 

Get the right team in place so you can spend more time working ON your business rather than IN it.

How to manage people to maximise productivity, potential and profit.

Why Business Owners Should Attend

Managing People can be one of the most challenging, time consuming and potentially expensive things in your business, if you get it wrong. Instead, imagine:

  • Being in control of your calendar and able to spend time on things you enjoy doing.
  • Having the right people in the right roles at the right time.
  • Being known as an employer that people rave about working for.
  • Having a highly productive team that knows what they need to do.
  • Having a recruitment system that works for you 24/7 and significantly reduces the amount of time you spend on recruitment.
  • Feeling assured that you are compliant and protected when in counts. 

Who Is This Workshop Tailored For?

You are a Business Owner, Partner or Operations Manager of a business up to 200 employees

You are not achieving the results you would like in your company or you want to achieve even greater results in the future

You are sick of being responsive to staff issues rather than in front of the game

You have no time in your day & feel like you are never getting through your TO DO list 

You have staff who are not performing, not productive or are not taking any responsibility 

You want to grow further but are scared to recruit, don’t know where to start or want to be able to do it better 

Your team is not working together as efficiently or effectively as they could be 

You are worried you may not be compliant

You Will Walk Out With A Best Practice People Plan (Including All The Tools and Templates You Need!)

What We Cover

This intensive 1-Day People Workshop brings you up to speed on the latest trends and professional practices in people management from around the world. 

Learn what it takes to create a company culture that ignites motivation, breeds loyalty and has your employees raving about how great it is to come to work each week. 

To get there, we rapidly up skill you in our 3 Pillars of People Power:    

Step-by-step guide to how to build a people plan that assists you in mapping out your next 12 months of people management and business growth.

Building a People Plan

Understand how leading businesses deal with challenging employees, under performance, compliance issues and more (examples and QA time available). 

Best Practices for People Issues

Get an early alert of trends that are sweeping through workforces this year, so that you can get ahead and prepare before they hit your business. 

2019 People Trends

Learn to create a company culture that ignites motivation, breeds loyalty and gets employees raving about coming to work each week.

BONUSES: 21 Templates, Tools and Guides That Will Save Your Business Thousands!

"We take ownership of our work. If you don't find value after going through any training or development program, we will return your money – no questions asked!"

Paulette Kolarz

Our "Exceed Your Expectations" Or Money Back Guarantee

Program Details At a Glance

The Culture Accelerator One Day Live


The Lion Hotel, Jerningham Room

161 Melbourne St, North Adelaide


9.00am - 5.00pm


12th July, 2019




Paulette Kolarz, HR Expert and Business Coach - 2008 SA Telstra Business Woman of the Year


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Paulette Kolarz

Director, BespokeHR

(Paulette's awards and recognition)

About Paulette & BespokeHR

My name is Paulette Kolarz, I'm the Founder and Director of BespokeHR. For the last 20 years, I've helped hundreds of businesses grow and thrive while solving their biggest HR headaches, challenges and restraints.

Over this time, I've witnessed poorly managed (or executed) people issues destroy businesses, friendships, marriages and families. Even worse, I've seen the fear of people issues stunt growth or significantly impact business owners enjoyment of running their businesses. 

We want to help you sleep better at night and get you back to running your businesses by helping create great places to work, high performing teams, leaders and managers that people want to work for and compliant, and productive and profitable workplaces. We believe better run workplaces lead to better lives for everyone, which leads to better communities.