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Upgrade your people power

Are your employees walking out the door?

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BespokeHR Employee Pulse Check Template

Do you really know what your employees are thinking?

Use the BespokeHR Employee 

Pulse Check diagnostic tool to:

- Get valuable employee feedback

- Learn the REAL reason staff are leaving

- Discover the best parts of working for your company  

   (from an employee perspective)

- Kick start your employee satisfaction program

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Survey employee satisfaction with the free employee Pulse Check template to learn what employees are thinking, why they stay or why they are leaving.

Don't delay:

Important employee feedback awaits you with this easy to use template

Often the real reasons employees are running out the door are different to what we hypothesise. 

Get the feedback you need to 

keep staff happy and committed

Rather than wait for them to leave, why not find out before they make the decision to jump ship.

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