Paulette Kolarz

Director, BespokeHR


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Did you know?

  • Baby Boomers like be recognised for their expertise, knowledge and contributions (read to find out how!)
  • Gen X'ers appreciate structure and direction (learn 5 ways to offer it to them)
  • Millennials are multi-tasking, multi-device, meaning seekers (discover 3 forms of communication you can use with them)
  • Gen Z'ers are new on the scene, native technologists and often entrepreneurial (we cover 9 motivational triggers to use with this group) 

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"Understanding the motivations behind each generation is vital to recruitment, retention, employee satisfaction, engagement, and performance. And when it comes to generational differences, one approach or generation is not correct or better: they are only different."

- Paulette Kolarz, Director, BespokeHR