20 Effective Success Strategies

Paulette’s Summary Points from Brian Tracy Business Mastery Conference held in San Diego, California (attended in Jan 2011).


  1. Difference between winners and losers is that winners look for the lesson.
  2. THINKING is the most important work that you do! Your ability to think well largely determines the entire quality of your business and personal life.
  3. The Person you see is the person you will be.
  4. Work all the time you work!
  5. The Key to Success is to set a goal and take action. This is what separates the winners from the losers. The greater clarity you have of your goals, the more likely you are of achieving them!
  6. The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short but in setting our aims too short and achieving nothing.
  7. Customers = cashflow
  8. Can only get your time under control if you stop doing useless, not important things.
  9. Every successful person is successful because of a team. Cannot do it on your own. Need to field a winning team – have an excellent player in every spot.
  10. Your weakest key skill sets the height of your income/company profit. It is the sea anchor that holds you back. Focusing on your weakest skills will generate the biggest improvement.
  11. Work on your weakness and master it and your whole life will change.
  12. Failure is not an option…I will until….BE Unstoppable until you are as successful as you want to be!
  13. Its only when you can delegate effectively, that you can be an effective leader.
  14. The only way you can improve is to be honest with yourself.
  15. All successful people know what their economic denominator is. When you know what the most important measure/s are for your business, you can continue to focus on this and make/set improvements.
  16. Never let your small business make you small minded. Always dream BIG.
  17. The key to getting referral business is to BE REFERRABLE.
  18. Quality of ideas is proportionate to the quantity of ideas – subconscious mind works 24 hrs a day. Keep scooping ideas, you never know where you next big idea will come from.
  19. Watch out for negative people, fly with the eagles.
  20. The very best years of your life lies in the future.