2021 Reflection exercises for your Christmas break

We know most of you at the moment are looking forward to a well-deserved break, and some will also be working through for the month of December in preparation for the coming year. 

Despite whether you’re taking a break or working through it, during this time of the year, people frequently reflect on the year that has been — thinking about ways to improve, keep things that worked, and set goals for the next year. 

If you haven’t already, set a time to reflect with your team and also provide them a sneak peek at your plans for 2022. 

Here are some reflective questions you can use. I suggest carving out space in a special notebook or journal that inspires you. You can ask yourself these questions, or ask your team to answer them.

Ready? Grab your notepad and let’s go…

1. “One big lesson I learned in 2021 was…”

Sometimes this question gets missed because too much has happened and we have lost track of time. What is the one big lesson you learned that you will bring with you as you move forward? 

2. “What are you excited to work on improving for 2022?”

Most people are excited to end the year but some are also hesitant to exit the year because of some negatives that have happened during 2021. 

A good way to counter this is to ask yourself — “what is the one skill I am improving on every 90 days proactively?”

Is it time management? Is it leadership? Is it delegating tasks? Is it learning a new system? Is it balancing the kids and the workplace?

Asking yourself about their struggles this year doesn’t necessarily have to be taken as a weakness but as an opportunity to open feedback culture and allow them to build their own professional development muscle. 

3. “What is one area or situation that tripped you up this year?”

Attitude is everything. What you think about impacts how you feel and the actions you will take. 

By asking yourself what that one task is that makes you feel exhausted or a task that has been consuming most of your time will give you an idea of what your specific pain points are. 

4. “What are five things you’re excited about for 2022?”

Jot down five bullet points of any new ideas, expectations, events or personal goals. 

5. “What is one thing that propelled you forward?”

What has been your biggest win? Share some of your favourite moments in 2021. Was it achieving a particular goal? Was it building a new relationship with a team member? Or maybe learning a new skill set? 

6. “What’s your birdseye view of the business in 2022?”

What do we rock at/where do we win in the market? What could we do better at/where do our competitors win over us? What are frustrations or timewasters (what processes or structures could be improved?). What do we wish we had or could deliver?

Through reflection and self-awareness we can get a clear look at what’s working and what needs improvement. 


Want to create a much-refined business plan for 2022? If you have questions on this topic or any others, feel free to reach us by emailing support@bespokehr.com.au or set up a free one-on-one consultation session, or drop me a comment below.