3 Steps To Eliminate Overwhelm When Hiring

Do you feel queasy at the thought of starting yet another recruitment process?

  • Drafting ads
  • Putting it on job boards
  • Getting inundated with inappropriate candidates
  • Weeding through the pile for actual candidates worth interviewing
  • Coordinating interviews in an already busy schedule
  • Keeping candidates updated throughout the process
  • Organise any follow-up, check references and of course provide feedback to non-successful candidates.
  • And the list goes on…..

You remember, the joy of the recruitment process where some candidates rocked up late, didn’t show up at all or cancelled at the last minute during your last process?

It’s not surprising you feel an ulcer coming on just thinking about it.

Considering the average recruitment process can take between 10-100 hours of internal time, if you apply your rate to that plus costs of ads, etc., what does that add up to?

Don’t forget to add in the cost of you not spending time on tasks that could generate actual income for your business.

If you’d prefer to avoid even some of this grief, check out the following three strategies to help significantly reduce recruitment time and last minute angst.

Think about your hiring needs ahead of time to avoid the headache when someone quits.

1. Recruit 24/7

Stop waiting for a vacancy before you recruit for your key positions.

Instead, recruit all the time—at barbeques, shopping, training events, happy hours and so on (or wherever your pool of talent may hang out).

When you flesh out your values and success factors—meaning you know what works for your company—then you can transition to interviewing potential candidates on an ongoing basis.

What about people who express interest in working with you?

Few people drop off resumes at reception any more, but are there other ways a potential team member could express interest—say a place on your website or via PM on LinkedIn or other social media.

2. Leverage your social media.

Speaking of social media, use your social media platforms to demonstrate what it’s like to work at your business. What your business stands for and against.

If you only use those platforms to shout “We are hiring” for job vacancies (and not other company or team stories) on LinkedIn or other platforms, you could potentially lose interested applicants or turn them away questioning why are there always vacancies.

Talk about your team, your culture, your impact, your benefits, even your location if it’s a selling point.

For example, don’t discount the idea of posting about your happy hour or team-building exercise that might appeal to potential candidates.

If you are doing something awesome or completely unique – Share it!

Use your network to help you recruit.

3. Leverage internal and external network referrals.

So, you don’t have an internal or external referral incentive? Why not?

All you need to do is calculate the cost of your spending hours and hours on recruitment, and you already have the reason.

Best ways to help your referral network:

  • Make sure you spend time with team members and/or external parties (i.e., suppliers, accountants, advisors) explaining who is a good fit and who isn’t.
  • Make known what roles you may be looking for on an ongoing basis and/or your business-critical roles. (This significantly increases eyes and ears out there looking and decreases the time in your recruitment process.)

But if you potentially suffered a mini-heart attack when you saw the final number of the cost of recruitment—by the way, that doesn’t include the cost when you get it wrong—don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask for help.

We would love to help!

The three steps above are part of our 11 fundamental steps of RRR – Recruitment Resistance Remover that will, if followed step by step, take the overwhelm out of your hiring process.

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Next: Is it time to examine your recruitment methods? Could they be improved, updated and revised?

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