4 Common Problems That Arise When Values Aren’t Defining Your Company Culture

Have you ever sat in your office thinking about how you get on so much better with certain staff members than others?

Or that some of your employees really fit in well with the team and are easy and enjoyable to get along with while others just don’t seem to gel with anyone?

You can trace it all back to the company values.

Are your values clearly defined? If so, then are you and your employees living by these days in and day out or is it time for a refresh?

That second question is where many companies fall short. While defining the values was a long and involved process, the consistent reminder of these values in the daily lives of all employees isn’t happening.

This is why it’s important to double check that your company isn’t falling victim to these four common issues that happen when employers notice that the team isn’t living out the values.

Company need defined values.

Employees lack engagement due to undefined values.

If you’ve been reading this space for very long, you probably recall my thoughts on this subject: Engaged employees are important for your business.

If you don’t clearly define what your company stands for and who is a good fit, then you’re not only missing out on all the benefits of an engaged team, but your business will struggle with issues from recruitment to retention; even crossing over to client management and sales.

Check out more on the benefits of engaged employees here.

Employees act negatively.

When a member of your staff continuously acts in a way that contradicts the core values of your business, then it’s time to review whether that person is the best fit.

Negativity easily trickles down from one employee to another, infecting the team with bad vibes. In fact, other team members hate it when management walk past it and don’t do anything about picking people up on bad behaviour that contradicts the agreed team values (including management members by the way as well).

Some tricks for trying to keep the values front and centre from day 1:

  • Make sure company values are part of the onboarding process.
  • Continue to reiterate the values as part of training, daily or weekly meetings, performance reviews, promotions, recognition/reward programs and internal communication.

This way, if you need to coach, performance manage or terminate someone, you’ll easily be able to point to the fact the values are well and truly known due to the many times they are referred to.

Walk the talk.

It’s just as important for employees to see the executives and leaders in the organisation following the same values.

Managers set the tone, so failing to live by those values is even worse that not defining them all.

And this means not letting things slide that you notice as you walk around the office—following the mantra, “the standard you walk by is the standard you accept.”

So nip it in the bud by keeping the values front and centre.

Recruit employees by using the values.

Not using values to recruit.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the values to ask questions about behaviour during the interview process. For example:

  • Value: Greet every customer. Ask: What’s your style when it comes to greeting customers?
  • Value: We say what we do. Ask: What organisation processes/disciplines to you follow to ensure you get things done on time or what are your daily / weekly planning processes to ensure things get done?

We encourage clients to recruit on values first as well skills/qualification and background —because it works. For example, they may have worked in a similar type of organisation or position but may be a terrible fit for your team.

Have I convinced you yet what an important role company values play?

Next: What’s the one action you’ll commit to after you read this?

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