Enough Already! 4 Tips To Avoid A Bad Hire

The last couple of weeks we’ve covered what costly mistakes to avoid during the recruitment process (because no one likes to lose money!) and how to make recruitment less overwhelming.

This week, we’re hitting on that topic every business owner hates to think about and, if we’re being honest, even fears: Making a bad hire.

It’s terrible when you realize that you made the wrong choice and that it’s not going to work out—whether that means you have to fire someone or the person ends up quitting. Either way, it’s going to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

So let’s talk about four key tips you can follow to help ensure you get the right fit for your team next time you hire.

1. Make sure your potential candidate will love the job.

During your recruitment process, you need to figure out if this person not only has the skill set to do the job but will actually LIKE and maybe even LOVE the job.

Do that by looking at the candidate and thinking about that person with these factors in mind:

  • Purpose of the business
  • The type of clients you work with
  • Size of the business
  • Structure of the business: Is it fast-paced? Is it heavy on processes? etc.
  • Types of outcomes they could help the client receive
  • Candidate’s prior history and thinking about whether you or whoever the manager will be could inspire and motivate this person

2. Will this person fit into your team?

We typically suggest figuring this one out by using a values document.

These documents are usually very detailed, discussing the values of the company as well as getting into who is a great fit and who isn’t a great fit for your business.

It’s important to be transparent with potential candidates about the culture of any company. You need to understand whether this person is excited about how your company operates.

To find out more about this tip and how genuine you need to be about the company’s culture as well as the last two tips, watch this video: 


Next: When was the last time you made a bad hire? Which tip speaks to you and inspires you to use it next time you hire?

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