4 tips to help get you into the right mindset

No doubt by now your inbox and social media is being filled email titles of ‘urgent’, ‘read this’, ‘COVID-19 important information’ and you are feeling overwhelmed with information coming through.

You are likely either in a situation where you may be struggling to keep the doors open and up at night worried about team members (and your own) security OR you are gangbusters busy trying to keep up with the demand OR you may be in the middle of just navigating your way through.

Either way, the mental fatigue of ‘dealing with things’ is no doubt wearing on you about now.

1. Put your health first

Make you a priority. It is very difficult to have a clear mind if your body is not in a good state. That means doing what you can to focus on your sleep, playing your favourite music when you get up, doing whatever exercise rocks your boat (ie pilates, home dance parties, home gyms or aerobics) and planning your meals to make sure you are fuelling up in the right way.

It is also important to exercise your mind and nurture that in the same way, whether it be meditation, puzzles, luminosity, learn a new skill or teach a new skill.

2. Manage your time super carefully and choose what you focus on wisely

Are you finishing days going ‘where has my time gone’? We have all heard the saying, if you don’t manage your time, someone else will. So over this period of time, it is important to be very purposeful about what goes in your calendar first as this will be critical to your success and focus. That means blocking time out for important things AND clearly knowing what you are currently spending your time on.

TIP 1 – If you have not done this exercise before, break up your standard work day into 30 minute blocks and write down what output you have achieved in those times. Lawyers and accountants are normally great at this as they generally charge in 6 minute slots. When you review it, if you don’t like what you are focusing on, do a new sheet and right down what you would want to be focused on instead and what needs to change.

TIP 2 – If you are finding that you are constantly deviating away from your schedule, block out a period of time per day or week of your choosing for dealing with ‘emergencies or issues that have to be dealt with for the day’ and hopefully the amount of time you have scheduled for this may be reduced slightly over time.

TIP 3 – Block out time in your week to work on your business versus in your business. Working on your business may include developing or thinking about a new product, service, simplification of processes, business development, business strategy or planning.

3. Do at least 1 thing per day that puts a smile on your face

What you focus on expands. Doing at least one small thing that you enjoy will make a difference to your overall mood. Listening to your favourite music, helping someone out with something or focusing on something that gives you joy are all good examples.

4. Think of yourself as successful at the end of the year – what does that look like? What have you achieved?

What is really important to achieve as at 31 December, 2020 for yourself and/or your business and write it down. These may be slightly different things to what you had in place (either maybe less or greater) but may include health, relationships, work, wealth, education and/or significance goals.

For those businesses that maybe experiencing downturn, use this time wisely to work on your business, your relationships, to develop your skills and/or to also take a much needed break that you may never have an opportunity quite like this to ever do again. Remember, these are all just as important as revenue or turnover targets and will at least make you feel like you are accomplishing things.


To support our managers over this time, we have developed a tailored 6 week program starting from Wednesday 20 May, 2020.  We have taken the best of our 90 day program and added some new critical traits and tool that will help managers lead their team over these challenging times.

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