5 business leadership approaches that will make you stand out

Leadership and business ownership go hand in hand. It is important for any business to have strong leadership skills. 

Every person may have their own individual leadership style, however here are some approaches or ‘characters’ that epitomise different positive leadership styles.

1. The empathiser

Empathy is one of the most powerful and empowering traits a leader can have. The empathiser always focuses on the person at hand and puts themselves in their shoes. 

Whether that’s a team member, customer or stakeholder, they are always thinking of how the other person is experiencing them as a leader. 

They have an innate ability to understand what is important to the other person and how they can come up with solutions to find common ground and develop the best outcomes for both parties. 

2. The coach

The coach is someone who has a specified set of skills and helps to teach their team how to apply such skills. 

They are there to help maximise the potential of an individual and share their experience as a guide and mentor.

The coach is enthusiastic and thrives on seeing their team thrive and grow. They are great at guiding teams to high performance, through individual plans and assessing what is best for the individual. 

3. The energiser 

The energiser is a natural motivator. 

Often highly charismatic and confident, the energiser is fantastic at motivating their team and helping them to develop high and positive energy for their environment. 

They understand that they need to model the energy they hope their team will show up with, and also know that they have the ability to infect a room with positivity. 

4. The pilot

The pilot is highly trusted, competent and intelligent. They are capable leaders with a wealth of skills and knowledge in their field. 

They are trusted to make critical decisions and are able to make all ‘passengers’ aka team members feel safe and supported. 

Like steering an aircraft, the team members inherently know they are in safe hands and rely on the pilot to take flight, and are guided by their decision-making. 

5. The team player

The team leader focuses on building a strong and high performing team. They have an ‘all in this together’ mentality and help to support the team to work as a cohesive unit.

They are the first to ‘get into the trenches’ and demonstrate their ability to do any task at any level. 

There is minimal hierarchy and this style of leader is often seen as a peer and mentor. 

Using your leadership style and approach to strengthen teams 

Now that you have a better idea of what your leadership approach is, consider:

  • How can I use my strengths to better motivate my team?
  • What qualities can I employ when collaborating with key decision-makers?
  • What traits can I employ when influencing key decision-makers?
  • What might I need to avoid doing in order to maintain positive work relationships and effective work processes?

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