Don’t Get Caught Off Guard: 5 Questions Candidates Are Asking

Because we know how important recruitment is in shaping your business, we’re sticking with this topic and covering various aspects of each it throughout the month.

We’re sticking with this topic and covering all aspects of it throughout April.

One of the worst mistakes YOU can make during the interviewing process is not having good answers for questions that candidates ask.

It’s awful when a candidate you like asks a question, and you find yourself saying, “Good question…”

And fumble around for an answer that will satisfy them or worse, not be able to answer them at all.

We’ll help you prepare for interviews by highlighting the top 5 questions we’re seeing potential candidates ask.

1. What is your vision? Where do you see the company in five years?

Obviously this is a question that you hopefully already know the answer to.

But even if you don’t have a vision for the next five years, it’s a great time to put together a plan—or at least a good answer.

You want to be able to answer this in a succinct way, i.e., our vision in the next 5 years is to … (less than 3 minutes). 

So think about how you can succinctly get the message across to create excitement, direction and clarity in a short time frame.

Hint: You may choose to bring a diagram or one page strategic plan and reference during interview or subject to confidentiality, even share it with the candidate.

2. Tell me about your culture. How would you describe it?

This is a question that the potential employee asks to ascertain whether it sounds like a good fit. It’s the “why is your company a great place to work” question.

So, why is your company a good place to work? Besides potential financial benefits, what motivates your current employees? What is the work-life balance (and how does the company help)?

To learn what the rest of the questions are that candidates are asking, watch the video.

Next: Have you ever been caught off guard by a candidate’s question? Which question was one you aren’t prepared for?

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