5 ways to fire up your offshore staff

It’s true.

Offshore teams can buy you more time to focus on the important strategic work…

They can inject your business with valuable skills sets…

And they can shave thousands off your costs and shift your bottom line…

They’re a powerful strategic advantage if motivated in the right way.

Failure to fire up your team though, and you’re in more more headaches than before you started your outsourcing adventure.

Here’s 5 tips on how to stoke the flames offshore team.

1. Communicate more than you think necessary

Whether your offshore team consists of one or many individuals, it’s critical to define and share as many details as possible.

From projects to ongoing tasks, solid communication will keep your staff informed and engaged.

Your approach could be as simple as hosting a spreadsheet where timelines and responsibilities are housed.

Issues and comments could also be logged in the spreadsheet, ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information.

With team members spread across the nation or the globe, this central hub of communication is vital.

2. Provide an abundance of information

Working with people in the same space creates more knowledge and cohesion than we might realise.

Smaller details get picked up in an office environment, whether it’s mentioned in a passing conversation or overheard in a meeting.

With offshore teams, this isn’t often the case.

That’s why offering as much information as possible is essential to keeping everyone on the same page.

You may want to share with your offshore team:

  • Client information
  • Client expectations or personality
  • Project details and vision
  • Team member responsibilities and roles
  • Department or project goals
  • Any other knowledge that will give them insight to make their work a success

3. Show sincere interest

Just because someone isn’t physically in your presence doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take personal interest in who they are.

Employees work harder when they feel valued and appreciated.

Take an interest in your offshore team members by getting to know them. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses—and what’s important to them.

Involve your offshore staff in team meetings and brainstorming sessions in order to make them feel included. Incorporate video conferencing whenever you can.

With these simple measures, trust and clarity will increase between you and your offshore crew.

4. Evaluate often

Keep up-to-date with how your offshore team is doing. You may have to take a closer look than with your on-site staff.

Don’t be afraid to compare your expectations with actual output, and share those results with your offshore team.

The earlier you catch issues and problems, the better off you (and your company) will be.

5. Motivate and incentivise

Recognise a job well done by your offshore team.

Small messages, notes, and personal efforts will make your offshore folks feel more a part of the at-home team.

At project milestones, send a congratulatory email and copy senior management.

When you offer recognition, whether it’s in an email or quick statement on a video conference session, it builds teams and individuals—no matter how far away they are.

An offshore team at their best

Maximising the potential of your offshore team allows your business to have more creativity and flexibility when it comes to hiring.

It gives you freedom to find the best people at the best rates.

Are you onboarding one or more new offshore members? 

Or would you like to learn what it takes? 

Download this month’s complete Offshore Staff Onboarding Guide.


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