8 Contributing Factors to consider that can impact your culture.

So you want your team to work for more than a pay check, enjoy coming to work and rave about how fantastic it is working for your company?

These are the foundations you need in place.

  • A clear philosophy about how business is to be conducted and why you exist
  • A clear vision about where you are going
  • A clearly defined set of values that are shared widely and lived by all
  • Clearly defined measures of success
  • Communication of values and behavioural norms is seen as ongoing (not just one off process)
  • Consistency in how team members describe the company
  • There’s a leadership consistency in how the organisation treats its people and customers
  • New employees are very carefully chosen to ensure fit with culture

Determining where your company sits on the below 8 areas can help you get started on clarifying and framing the type of culture you want for your business:

Area #1: Sensitivity to the needs of customers

  • What processes do you have in place to listen to your customers?
  • How do you coordinate this and respond to it?

Area #2: Sensitivity to the needs of employees

  • What processes do you have in place to listen to your people?
  • How do you coordinate this and respond to it?

Area #3: Tendency toward creativity and innovation

  • Is there an active process in place to encourage creativity and new ideas?
  • When are employees given this opportunity?
  • What information are they provided with to ensure they are aware of focus areas and ways to help? 

Area #4: Willingness to take risks

  • What level of risk is your company prepared to make? (this will vary subject to different industries and customer expectations)

Area #5: Values placed on people

  • How important is it to you to be described as an employer of choice?
  • How will you inspire your employees?
  • What are your policies in relation to parental leave, sick leave and employee recognition?

Area #6: Flexibility around hours

  • How flexible around hours can your workplace be?
  • Will be dictated by the nature of work that people do?

Area #7: Openness of communication options

  • What communication channels do you have in place?
  • Is there a rigid hierarchy around how people need to communicate or is there open access to people in the organisation?

Area #8: Friendliness or formality level

  • What kind of environment do you want to set?
  • Is it professional and competitive?
  • Or friendly and supportive?

So, hopefully the above has stimulated some thought around your business and where you currently sit and are seen versus want to sit and be seen.

Any questions?

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