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Meet the Women behind BespokeHR – Paulette Kolarz

Sometimes referred to as the ‘People Doctor’, Paulette Kolarz is widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading authorities in Human Resource Management and is extremely passionate about partnering great HR platforms and strategies with effective and ongoing Leadership and Management Development.

“You cant have good HR without great leaders” Paulette Kolarz

Having been awarded the Telstra Business Women of the Year, The PricewaterhouseCoopers Young Business Women of the Year and the Hudson Private and Corporate Business Women of the Year in South Australia, she has spoken to thousands of people on the topics of effective leadership, maximising individual and team potential, productivity, effective human resource strategies and HR trends to name a few.

Prior to launching BespokeHR, Paulette was appointed a General Manager at Harris Scarfe where she was one of the executives responsible for the resurrection and rebranding of its business.

Today Paulette leads the BespokeHR team, with a mission of empowering businesses to build happy and productive workplaces with high performing teams that are enjoyable to manage.

Paulette Kolarz
Managing Director BespokeHR
2008 SA Telstra Business Woman of the Year
2008 SA PricewaterhouseCoopers Young Business Woman of the Year
2008 SA Hudson Private & Corporate Business Woman of the Year

About us

Welcome! BespokeHR is an Australian company specialising in helping companies Define, Attract, Manage and Grow your people and workplaces. In order to ensure we give you a people platform that is interconnected, the BespokeHR client pathway can help you across a range of services when it comes to Defining, Attracting, Managing, and Growing your workplace. While a lot of other businesses can help with various different individual services, we can work with you in all of these areas. We want to ensure that we provide you with support, tools and development to ensure ongoing platforms are established. Accordingly, we don’t like to just give you assistance and walk away. We like to ensure that any changes are sustained and continually improved as that is what builds great cultures.

  • Our People Program offers support options to meet differing company requirements. We like to match your VIBE!
  • Our Leadership and Management Training Programs help create ongoing, sustainable and measurable growth.
  • Our Tools and Resources are easy to use and provide a base to start from.

My name is Paulette Kolarz, Im the Founder and Director of BespokeHR. For the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow and thrive while solving their biggest HR headaches, challenges and restraints.

Over this time, I’ve witnessed poorly managed (or executed) people issues destroy businesses, friendships, marriages and families. It’s our mission to avoid businesses having to go through this. We want to help you sleep better at night and get you back to running your businesses by helping create great places to  work, high performing teams, leaders and managers that people want to work for, and compliant, productive and profitable workplaces. We believe, better workplaces lead to better lives lead to better communities.

Whether you are facing an urgent issue today or want the processes and skills in place to place to protect your tomorrow, BespokeHR are here to help you upgrade your people power.

Latest News

The BespokeHR Core Values – How we Operate

Support and Inspire

We exist to help people and organisations be the best they can be and we love lifting others up and helping them achieve their goals, priorities and targets.

Respect and Integrity

We give everyone respect, embrace diversity, earn trust and keep confidentiality.

Practical and good judgement

If we wouldn’t do it, we don’t recommend it. Our solutions always keep in mind commercial practicality, skills to implement and impact on the business. We love being productive, efficient and maximizing both our time and our clients.

Solution focused and Customer Centric

We look at the end game and help decide the best way to get there. We continually look for ways to improve and add value to our customers, suppliers, partners and ourselves.

Communication and Transparency

We like to really listen to all sides and encourage open feedback and timely, transparent communication.


We recognise that businesses and individuals are uniquely different and our solutions are tailored and flexible to meet specific requirements.

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Paulette Kolarz

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