Are you in exhausted mode and don’t quite know why?

Whether you are flat chat in business or not as busy and hustling at the moment… consistent theme that is coming through loud and clear right now is people are feeling tired.

We have been receiving lots of calls, particularly from leaders just generally feeling ‘exhausted’ and ‘tired’. We are calling it the ‘COVID fatigue’ and moment of pause as we move in the next stage of planning be that job keeper, restrictions or business development, with most business leaders asking themselves at the moment, WHERE ARE WE AT AND WHAT WILL THE NEXT 12 MONTHS LOOK LIKE?

If this sounds like you – here are 5 reasons why we could all be feeling a bit out of kilter?

1. Not taking ‘proper leave’

Most business owners I know (including myself), would normally take 2 weeks holidays in August/September – normally somewhere warm to unwind, replenish and relax. With travel restrictions being as they are, this has significantly impacted this ability and while a long weekend may have been taken here and there, it is not the same as properly switching off and taking leave.

People who have found themselves with little work or no work are feeling the constant pressure of finding solutions and people who are flat out are trying to do what they can do to keep up and help as many people out and pushing the pedal to the metal. Both scenarios = FEELING EXHAUSTED.

2. Extra school holidays / children at home

Having the children home a lot more has certainly been great for building family connections however has also been adding an extra thing on people’s plates to coordinate and a difference in routine. Keeping children entertained and complying with school requirements = FEELING EXHAUSTED

3. Socialising / Networking

Love it or hate it, our socialising or networking helps us get out and about and catch up with people and what is going on in their industries, businesses and environments. It helps stimulate ideas, interests and feeling connected. The flip side, not having the same contact can be a contributor to flat lining, feeling stale or = FEELING EXHAUSTED

4. Professional Development

While there has definitely been lots of online PD and well-being programs that are available from your living room, the professional development super conferences that people normally go to that fill people’s cup with inspiring content, dinner and drinks are not taking place. I know I normally try and do one overseas one and one Australian conference each year to hear best practice ways of doing things in the areas of leadership, culture, productivity and business. Learning new things triggers ideas and stimulates action. Not having some of these same experiences can leave us feeling a little underwhelmed or FEELING EXHAUSTED with the status quo.

5. Amount of change

On the flip side, businesses are needing to ‘pivot’ and respond to the market requirements which are changing on an ongoing basis. Change is now a normal expectation for everybody. Stepping out into the unknown, moving fast, trialling new things and finding different ways to deliver them are now just becoming the new way to do business.

Planning at the best of times can be challenging but planning in an environment that is volatile and restrictive is certainly challenging.

COVID has not just been for a ‘Christmas’ or ‘End of Financial Year’ seasonal period, it has been CONTINUAL for more than 6 months now and is not going away quickly. THAT IS WHY WE ARE ALL FEELING A LITTLE EXHAUSTED.

Generally, we can handle emergency situations that need fast response over short periods but long extended periods of running at a fast speed in an unknown environment can cause burn out which we all need to watch out for.

Soooooo as we end our month off around Mental Health, I thought this week I would just point out that if you are feeling exhausted and little overwhelmed, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and provide 5 tips.

  1. BE KIND TO YOURSELF and don’t beat yourself up for feeling overwhelmed on some days. You are human.
  2. Think about actually booking leave for yourself. Real leave though of 1 week or more (yes I am listening to myself).
  3. Do something that feeds your soul and replenishes your cup (massage, watch a trashy movie with a friend, walk on the beach, buy some flowers).
  4. Schedule ‘catch up’ days in your month. Days to spend just catching up and getting organised. I have recently added this in and it is a game changer.
  5. Get some sun and fresh air wherever you can!

Thinking of you and we are always here to help in any way we can!