Attracting your dream team — the five hires you need on your team

This month’s theme is centered around aligning your people with your business. We all know that your people are what can make or break your business. 

When teams are operating smoothly and fit together like a jigsaw, it can be absolutely life changing for your business. 

There are five key ‘personalities’ that when recruited, shine in a business. 

1. The cheerleader

The cheerleader always comes into work, bouncing through the doors with a sunny demeanour and a smile on their face. 

They are always positive, upbeat and are generally a joy to be around. They lift the energy of the entire team and support others.

They are natural mentors, gravitate towards people and always see the best in every situation. They will operate as the ultimate cheerleader in your team. 

If someone is having a bad day, they will be the first to put their hand up to comfort them, and will always encourage team members to bring their best game to work. 

2. The analyst

Every team needs an analyst. The analyst is data-driven, has the ability to deeply connect with problems in the business and often provides robust and concrete solutions. 

They have the ability to play ‘fortune teller’ when it comes to risks and potential threats, and provide evidence-based rationale for their decisions. 

They are detail-orientated and are great for identifying the things that may be overlooked, but have massive potential to impact on your business. 

3. The leader

Without a strong leader in the team, nobody is there to steer the ship. Are there natural leaders within your team that motivate others, keep things moving, help support people to remain focused and help to recorrect any misdirection?

Although you as a manager or business owner operate as ‘the boss’, there may be others within the team that you can rely on to step up in your absence.

They enable you to step away and focus on the things you need to, while the team still hums along smoothly under the guide of the leader. 

3. The connector (aka the networker)

Every business needs a connector. These are people who naturally have a large network and find it easy to build relationships. 

Often found in sales, marketing and HR departments, there may be a stereotypical image that is conjured up for ‘the connector’ (think extrovert, life of the party kinda person).

However, don’t be fooled. The connector is someone who has an innate ability to socially scan their environments, catalogue their lifetime of interactions with photographic memory, and identify when ‘someone’ in their social network needs to connect with ‘another someone’. 

They know with absolute certainty and eerily accurate intuition that person who they sat next to on the plane for their Adelaide-Sydney flight back in 2007 needs to connect with the new IT guy on floor five, and they make that happen. 

4. The ‘worker bee’ (person that gets stuff done) 

You can have a team full of visionaries, innovators and thought leaders, but you need people that thrive off getting s*** done. 

In fact, the s*** doers are the ones that are the lifeblood of your business. They are the people that get on with a task effectively and quickly and keep the boat afloat and powering ahead. 

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