Capturing talent you want at your company

Imagine the perfect person for your team is looking for a new job…

They’re after something different. They want to contribute and be a part of something great.

What they’re seeking…

Happens to be the exact job you’re trying to fill.

This person has the right skills, knowledge and experience to do a phenomenal job.

But how do they find your employment opportunity? 

What ways are available for them to connect with your company?

Can they go online and easily find the job opening?

Does your company have a strong employer brand that gets people seeking out your jobs?

If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, there’s no need to be alarmed.

Many avenues

The fact is: there’s no one best way to advertise or recruit top talent.

There are many avenues for people to search and find the perfect opportunity:

  • A search engine
  • A job board
  • Your company’s website
  • Word of mouth
  • Job posting in a local hotspot
  • Employee referral
  • A career fair or speaking event
  • And so many more

Building connections with candidates

Having more ways to connect with potential candidates widens your pool.

And from that large pool, you can select the top qualified people.

Amy Rees Anderson shares in a recent Forbes article, “Attracting the best and the brightest people to join your company is the goal of any good leadership team, but finding those people requires serious creativity in your recruiting efforts.”

Getting creative in your recruiting

Like Anderson says, sometimes we need a pinch of creativity when it comes to recruitment.

Here are some unique ways to connect with potential candidates:

  • Employee referrals
    • Do your employees actively talk about working for your company?
    • Is there an incentive you provide to encourage them to get the word out?
    • Even a simple one-sheet employee referral document can get the wheels turning.
  • Online videos:
    • Create short clips (1 minute or less) on YouTube or another medium.
    • Share them on your website and have employees share them too.
    • Use last week’s recruitment elevator pitch as a script for the show.
  • Past recruiting efforts (a trip down memory lane)
    • Check the folders or online systems for info on past candidates from previous job searches.
    • Sometimes you find gold by sparking your memory about an all-star candidate.
  • Talk with your connections
    • Chat with acquaintances, family and friends to see who they know that might be a good fit for the job.
    • Maximise the connections you have with other companies and professionals.

The true first step

Before you choose how to get the word out about your job openings, you need to know what you’re going to say.

Knowing what to say has a lot to do with your employer brand.

Clearly communicating your business’ purpose and why people want to work for you will significantly increase the interest level of potential candidates.

Using this month’s download ‘Define Your Employer Brand Worksheet’, you can create an employer brand that adds big power to your recruitment and retention efforts.

Why employer branding is so powerful

Josh Tolan writes in a recent Business Insider article, “Employer branding is to attract job candidates that will help your business increase profitability.”

Without the right people in the right jobs, our businesses can’t move forward.

Before you go, make sure to grab a copy of this month’s download, ‘Define Your Employer Brand Worksheet’.


“Your Employer Brand is so crucial to getting the right people to build your business. Use this Worksheet to easily align your purpose, mission and vision to your values, and finally attract the people you want using compelling reasons that they can’t resist!” – Paulette

Any questions?

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