PM Addresses nation on current Corona Virus limitations.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has addressed the nation on current restrictions announced to prevent the spread of COVID-19  

Here are the key points from this morning’s press conference. 

Schools to remain open for now. 

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The 2018 Blog Survey


We are taking a break from our usual fodder to gauge how the readers of our blog feel about the topics we’ve been covering, and get a few thoughts on what topics we should consider covering for our Read more

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Business Health Check Worksheets

Special New Year Gift –

Over the Christmas and New Year period I’ve had many people ask me for a copy of the BespokeHR Business Health Check Worksheets that I shared last year.

If you missed it, or are Read more

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Claim your culture!

Elon Musk ruffled feathers last year when he called Apple “Tesla’s graveyard”.

Only half jokingly, he was referring to Apple hiring the engineers who hadn’t made it at Telsa, the innovative electric car company.

Elon Musk has a Read more

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You got this?

Preparing for growth (a people perspective) 

So you’re ready to become the next Steve Jobs?

If you’ve been running a small business and you’re setting your sights for growth in 2016, you might be wondering what it Read more

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Workforce Planning 101: Having the right staff at the right time

What is Workforce Planning and why is it important?

Let’s imagine I hold in my hand a magic wand.

Because you’re one of my favourites, I’m going to wave my magic wand…

And award your business every piece of Read more

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… this just isn’t working. 

If you’ve been following December’s focus on poor fit employees, you may have come to a difficult decision yourself…

And decided that poor fit employee finally has to go. 

Now, confronted with Read more

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4 Steps to Creating an Unstoppable Vision for 2017

How’s your week going?

Have you had a chance to complete last week’s exercises?

In case you haven’t done the 5-minute exercises, you can find them here.

How did they go? Did anything surprise you?

Hopefully you found Read more

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Will you commit

With the end of the year approaching, I want to make this article especially impactful.

I want your 2017 to be the year you’re hoping and dreaming for. I want all of your visions to become reality, and for Read more

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Seriously…is time travelling faster or are we all just getting insanely busier?

Being busy is a good and fortunate thing for businesses and professionals but this question has been raised pretty frequently around my circles this week so I thought I would dedicate this weeks blog to it to review it Read more

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