Effectively Navigating Change: A Roadmap to Success

Change is an inevitable force in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Whether it’s a shift in how an organisation operates or a complete overhaul of its approach, embracing and effectively managing change is paramount for continued success. However, not all Read more

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Power vs. Influence: Building an engaged, connected, and innovative team

In the realm of leadership, the choice between wielding power and harnessing influence can make all the difference in building an engaged, connected, and innovative team. While leadership power may offer immediate compliance, leadership influence fosters lasting commitment and Read more

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4 Tips for Having the Tough Conversations You Dread as a Manager

Don’t sweat the tough stuff!Does having tough conversations and providing feedback as a manager instantly make you sweat under the collar? The Management Essentials digital program is an immersive six week program you can do at your own Read more
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Communicating with Your Team: Five Feedback Techniques for Managers

As a manager, effective communication is essential for providing feedback to your team. Not only does clear and effective communication help you provide guidance and direction to your employees, but it has been proven to be one of the Read more

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How to communicate as a leader with the four DISC personality types

At Bespoke HR we say — “Treat people not how you want to be treated, but how they want to be treated”. Although we think we should treat others how we would like to be treated, the truth Read more

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The good, the bad, and the ugly of workplace communication

Communication in the workplace can make or break an employee’s experience. It can be the difference between making a high performer leave a business, the difference between a thriving culture and a toxic one, and it can be the Read more

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Five ways to prepare your team for a successful 2023

With 2023 already upon us, the month of January always provides a great opportunity to focus our attention on the year to come. Regardless of whether you work to a financial or calendar year cycle, now’s the perfect time Read more

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Leadership styles that sink ships — the five habits and lessons we can learn from lost staff, dictatorships and shipwrecks

The leader steers the ship.


Most often when we’re discussing leadership it’s generally in a loose and sweeping metaphorical sense, but in today’s case —the leader actually steered a real-life, 114,000-tonne ship.

The leader has power to Read more

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TRENDING: This latest Tik Tok trend is gaining traction alarmingly fast and scaring bosses — what is ‘quiet quitting’ and what you can do as a leader to prevent it

“So here’s what you do, right?” an enthusiastic Tik Toker mockingly whispers down the barrel of a camera.

“Just rock up to work. Do the BARE a** minimum, and collect your paycheck. Repeat. Simple!”

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The four secret signs of stress and burnout you might be missing

Does your workplace suffer from incidental burnout and pressure? Are you spotting those that are chameleon-like — stressed and on the verge of burnout, but not necessarily showing it?

The stressed-out employee often paints a vivid and all-too-familiar picture Read more

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