The 3 Toxic Characteristics That Are Killing Teams

Toxic Characteristics That Are Killing Teams

In the intricate dance of teamwork, where diverse talents and personalities converge to achieve common goals, people often view harmony and productivity as the pinnacle of success. Yet, lurking beneath the surface of many teams are toxic characteristics that Read more

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How to ‘Humanise’ your workplace

With policies and procedures for everything and now 5 generations potentially in one workplace, humanising your workplace has never been more important than it is right now.

Add our recent crazy times of COVID, massive personal and professional change Read more

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Your 12 step action plan to a thriving culture

So you’re ready to get started in transforming your culture. You, my friend, have come to the right place. 

Here are the stages we guide and coach you through in our 90 Day Culture Accelerator Program. 

1. Define your Read more

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Developing a Culture Code — six features of a successful culture document

One of our signature templates that have been as popularly requested with our clients as hot potatoes, is our Culture Code document (which we guide you through to develop as a part of the 90 Day Culture Accelerator). 

A Read more

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Culture: expectations vs reality

It seems that ‘culture’ has become quite the buzz word, and it can easily be misinterpreted based on what the media and Silicon Valley has to say about it. 

However, in the context of how we explain culture, it Read more

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The seven secret culture killers in your business

You can do everything in your power to try and cultivate a thriving and happy workplace culture, however are these secret and often undetected things killing your culture? 

Here are seven things that can kill a culture as fast Read more

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Rate Your Culture

What if I asked you to rate your workplace culture?

Where would your company sit?

Are your employees thriving in their roles, committed to a common vision and mission?

Or are they simply showing up each day Read more

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How to be productively paranoid… a guide to exploding business like a 10x company.

Differing from sceptics or cynics, being productively paranoid encourages you to look at your environment, rivals, industry, trends, new legislation or changing market conditions. What could go wrong? What could change? 

10xers are rarely comfortable and are always Read more

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The art of discipline: generating a habit of productivity & prosperity across an organisation

In uncertain situations, companies that thrive as those companies who are seriously disciplined in business practice. But what does that actually look like, and how can you as a business owner get every team member working with the same Read more

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