Building a Feedback Culture: Shifting from Annual to Continuous Cycles

In today’s fast-paced business environment, agility is paramount. One of the most effective ways to foster agility is by building a robust feedback culture. As HR experts, we understand that traditional annual performance reviews are no longer sufficient to Read more

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Emotional Regulation in Teams: Nurturing Collective Resilience

Last month, we explored the importance of emotional regulation for managers in creating a positive workplace culture. This month, we delve into the realm of emotional regulation within teams and how fostering collective resilience can elevate team dynamics. Emotional Read more

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Effectively Navigating Change: A Roadmap to Success

Change is an inevitable force in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Whether it’s a shift in how an organisation operates or a complete overhaul of its approach, embracing and effectively managing change is paramount for continued success. However, not all Read more

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Delivering and Receiving Feedback is a skill. How good are you at both?

If I said to most people, “can I give you some feedback”, sadly most people will automatically think they are about to be told off.

That might be because that is what they are used to, there is no Read more

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Tips for keeping team collaboration and connection alive in a virtual world

This week’s blog will focus on providing leaders with helpful tips and activities to help keep collaboration and connection alive within a team working from multi-locations.

Earlier this week in one of our social media posts we commented on Read more

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It’s time to reset, refocus and re-energise!

Our topic of the month for July has centred around effective leadership, clear communication and using the CPQQRT (Context, Purpose, Quality, Quantity, Timing and Resources) tool when delegating and assigning projects, tasks, or activities to your team.

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Building Effective Workplace Communication and Relationships

It is no secret that open, transparent and constructive communication is the key to any successful relationship. Whether we are talking about communication in our personal lives or in the workplace, the outcome is almost identical just in a Read more

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Cyber bullying & Social Media – how is it impacting your workplace? 5 Common problems and prompts to tackle them

This month we’re covering a range of cyber issues, and how social media is being used – or abused in the workplace.

From employees wasting away their days on your watch on Facebook or other platforms, to serious breaches Read more

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How to Rid Your Office of Backbiting for Good

Almost every person who works in an office environment anywhere in the world experiences backbiting.

Backbite, verb.

To say mean or spiteful things about a person who is not present.

And let’s be honest, pretty much everyone has Read more

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How Office Politics Damages Your Organisation

If you are starting to see a trend of people leaving without a ‘real’ reason, it is definitely time to start to investigate why.

A likely culprit could be: Office politics.

The backbiting, spreading rumours, “sucking up” to the Read more

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