How to effectively plan an Onboarding Program

By now, we are all familiar with the contrary belief that the Onboarding process should  not start on the first day of a new job. Onboarding begins before the new hire even started their day one. From the Read more

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Why is Onboarding so Important?


In today’s time, the common workplace moves faster and demands more. Hitting us with COVID-19, we have witnessed the importance of culture, leadership recruitment, and how to get the right people who exhibit the character you are looking Read more

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Is Virtual Onboarding the future of an employees onboarding experience?

Providing a positive onboarding experience builds the productivity of your new hires, reduces employee turnover, and promotes a positive company culture. I’d imagine you had an effective onboarding program in place before 2020. However, when COVID hit, this would Read more

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Why your employees engagement is critical

As a leader or a Business owner. 

Do you ever stop and wonder, how employees are speaking about their experiences with your organisation and workplace? 

Well, you should and here’s why…

Today we are dealt with the “war for Read more

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Empowering leadership: Four behaviours that contribute to employee empowerment

As we have mentioned in previous blogs about leadership, your staff can only perform as well as the best leader within your organisation (to learn more about your ‘leadership lid’ click here).

So if you are not Read more

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When Empowering Employees DOESN’T Work…

We all have the best of intentions when trying to empower staff. 

However, what if in trying to empower them is actually having a negative effect, and simply increasing their job stress?

Some employees respond to empowering leadership Read more

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4 Things Stopping Employees From Feeling Empowered In The Workplace

There are many factors that can contribute to staff feeling a sense of empowerment in their work.

However, following on from last week’s blog and what Matthew Nash commented on, there are differences between empowering a staff member through Read more

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5 Research Proven Methods to More Engaged Employees

Don’t take those happy, passionate, motivated employees for granted. They're a rare find! Read on to find out what to do about those “do the least amount possible” employees. Read more
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What’s your employee experience wavelength?

Take a hard look at how your employees feel about their experience. Are they happy? Making plans to leave? Create a wavelength and see where your dips are. Read more
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Employee experience vs. employee engagement

Engagement isn’t the same as experience. Both are important, and while engagement has been part of the corporate speak for years, experience is on the rise. Read more
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