Empower, Don’t Hover: Is Your Leadership Style Smothering Innovation?

Innovate or Stifle Leadership's Impact on Innovation

In the vast sea of leadership theories and practices, certain timeless traits stand out as markers of effective leadership. Among these, the ability to inspire without micromanaging, focusing on outcomes rather than processes, shines brightly as a beacon of Read more

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Developing the ultimate Innovation Workshop

For the month of October, we have shared and discussed how critical transformation and innovation is in every business. 

Certainly, the pandemic has created some positive innovations in the past year. We have coined the term ‘new normal’  in Read more

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Seven easy ways to bring innovation and new thinking to your business

It seems easy to say “Hey! We want to innovate,” but sometimes it can feel as daunting as jumping off a cliff and building an aeroplane along the way before you hit the ground. 

Innovation does not need to Read more

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Five challenges that stop your team from innovating

Implementing and fostering innovation can sometimes be easier said than done. 

Being somewhat subjective, and doing things that appear to be ‘outside of the box’, innovation can create many conflicting opinions on a team, and be quite challenging for Read more

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Four reasons why innovation is critical to survival

It’s safe to say that 2020 and 2021 have been disruptive years for business owners. Trying to manage and lead a business through financially tumultuous times, a huge amount of uncertainty and spontaneous business closures has been challenging. 

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2 Modern Tools to Help You Innovate

In PWC’s 14th Annual Survey of over 1,200 CEOs, business leaders around the world were asked to name their #1 factor to sustainable business growth.

Their choice?


We know innovation is critical to staying competitive. And we Read more

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