Five things to look for on LinkedIn profiles when searching for CEO roles

A great way to search for talent in 2022 is online. However, does this stand for executive leadership positions?

We have found some of our best executive talent through LinkedIn. So, what should you look for when you begin Read more

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Turn the spotlight onto your own personal development.

“Self-development is invaluable to not only ensure your own success, but it also enables us to develop others.” – John Maxwell

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to support the personal development and performance of our own Read more

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Does your organisation have a strong feedback muscle?

Do you have a workplace where people can provide feedback in a trusting and safe environment where feelings aren’t hurt, productivity isn’t compromised, and people don’t fear the experience?

Too often leaders and employees loathe the thought of having Read more

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Is your Performance Development Review process hitting the mark?

The end of the financial year is only weeks away. This time of year usually signifies the end of another year of performance, and therefore the need to start planning Performance Development Review discussions with your team.

This process Read more

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5 mistakes we see regularly with Probationary Period

Of course, both parties in a hiring situation hope for the best:

That is…the new employee will love their job and fit well with the rest of the team AND that they are an amazing asset to the business Read more

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Setting clear standards for your business

Your standards define how your company works, which in turn builds trust in your brand. These can be guidelines that describe quality, performance, safety, terminology, testing, or management systems, to name a few. 

The question here is, what are Read more

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Establishing an open feedback culture

As most teams are now starting to head back to work, we thought this month we would focus on the broader topic of ‘Humanising the Workplace’. 

There are so many rules, regulations and requirements that govern the workplace (particularly Read more

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Are annual Performance Reviews dead?

As we are heading to the ‘traditional’ performance review period – how will your organisation handle them this year? Will you still have them, cancel them or postpone them?

Is there still a place in today’s ever-connected world for Read more

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What are the expected people challenges ahead?

While there are certainly lots of positive things coming out of this challenging time such as businesses getting better at building flexible workplaces, using zoom to have meetings and reducing travel time/cost, team members learning to multi-skill and businesses Read more

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Productivity vs profit. How to maximise productivity in 2020.

According to The Harvard Business Review, a gifted mathematician was hired by a large organisation to come up with a sophisticated formula for measuring the productivity of staff members across a range of departments.

Even though profit was soaring, Read more

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