What Employees Want – A Guide to Strengthen your EVP

In today’s fast-paced job market, employees are seeking more than just a weekly pay packet. They want a holistic and meaningful work experience that encompasses career development, work-life balance, and alignment with the organisation’s mission and values. A strong Read more

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How to effectively plan an Onboarding Program

By now, we are all familiar with the contrary belief that the Onboarding process should  not start on the first day of a new job. Onboarding begins before the new hire even starts their day one. From the Read more

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Why is Onboarding so Important?


In today’s time, the common workplace moves faster and demands more. Hitting us with COVID-19, we have witnessed the importance of culture, leadership recruitment, and how to get the right people who exhibit the character you are looking Read more

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Is Virtual Onboarding the future of an employees onboarding experience?

Providing a positive onboarding experience builds the productivity of your new hires, reduces employee turnover, and promotes a positive company culture. I’d imagine you had an effective onboarding program in place before 2020. However, when COVID hit, this would Read more

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Why your employees engagement is critical

As a leader or a Business owner. 

Do you ever stop and wonder, how employees are speaking about their experiences with your organisation and workplace? 

Well, you should and here’s why…

Today we are dealt with the “war for Read more

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How hot is your business?

If I were a potential candidate looking to work for your company, what does your Employer Brand – and particularly your digital presence say about you?

Is your business and are your leaders attractive to candidates you are trying Read more

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Awkward. 5 Reasons Why Salary Negotiations Make You Uncomfortable

Knock, knock.

One of your employees pops in and wants to have “a chat”…

Immediately launching into a rehearsed speech about why he or she deserves a raise.

The dreaded salary increase conversation.

Whether it is an unexpected talk Read more

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Employee experience vs. employee engagement

Engagement isn’t the same as experience. Both are important, and while engagement has been part of the corporate speak for years, experience is on the rise. Read more
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5 ways to fire up your offshore staff

It’s true.

Offshore teams can buy you more time to focus on the important strategic work…

They can inject your business with valuable skills sets…

And they can shave thousands off your costs and shift your bottom line…

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Which roles can I outsource?

A few weeks ago, a colleague asked me what roles are best to keep in-house.

Which gave me the chance to think about which roles are ideal for outsourcing.

Although it differs from company to company and industry to Read more

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