A Roadmap to Success: How Sam Transformed His Business with the People Success Scorecard

Sam had always been an ambitious entrepreneur. With a knack for numbers and a vision to make an impact, he established his accounting firm, Precision Financials, five years ago. At the outset, business soared. Clients came pouring in, reviews Read more

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Rising above the pressure: Being a nurturing leader amid financial challenges and rough times

This is an open letter to managers and business owners.

As we navigate the ongoing repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, its financial strain is palpably felt across the spectrum of businesses and their dedicated teams. The economic tremors and Read more

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New hires leaving after only a few short weeks? How to create an exceptional candidate experience to prevent this from happening

In recent times, as HR professionals, we’ve borne witness to a concerning trend. A rising number of new candidates and hires, brimming with potential and enthusiasm, make the decision to part ways within the first three months. 

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Pete’s ‘aha’ moment: The one reason his team were disconnected, lacked energy and underperformed

The day began like any other for Pete. As the manager of a team of twelve, he had grown accustomed to the sounds of keyboards clattering, phones ringing, and the usual office banter. But today, something felt off.

He’d Read more

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