The Competence Commitment Model: The Simple Way To Evaluate, Upskill & Act

Last week in our blog, we looked at how to turn poor performance into powerful feedback. 

We’ve also looked this month at leadership traits, culture types and how each impact on your business in a not-so-positive way. 

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Four Ways To Transform Poor Performance Into Powerful Feedback

This month we’re talking all about toxic cultures, and this week’s topic is a doozy…

It’s easy to spot poor performance… deadlines not being met, staff getting distracted on the job, or budgets blowing out.

Addressing poor performance can Read more

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… this just isn’t working. 

If you’ve been following December’s focus on poor fit employees, you may have come to a difficult decision yourself…

And decided that poor fit employee finally has to go. 

Now, confronted with Read more

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😒😡😭 Is this YOU?

Tell me if this sounds like you?

You’ve stopped asking your team to do things (as you believe the only way to do things right is to do them yourself)

You’ve decided the only person you Read more

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