Is one of these core areas of business affecting the success of your people? Take the People Success Scorecard to find out…

As a seasoned professional in leadership, workplace culture, HR, Recruitment, and Learning & Development, I have seen firsthand the importance of having a solid framework in place to achieve success with your people. 

It’s time for some real talk: Read more

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The ultimate guide to online tools — 5 ways to make your life easier as a manager while boosting productivity, saving time and decreasing cost

As a manager, you have a lot on your plate. From overseeing multiple projects and teams to communicating with clients and stakeholders, it can be challenging to keep everything organised and stay on top of your priorities. Fortunately, there Read more

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Make this your best year yet: The perfect business planning day to run with your team

Our last two blogs provided ways to set up your 2023 for success. This blog will focus on setting a dedicated business planning day, which will help your team get on the same page by collectively setting goals and Read more

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Dream Team 2023. Let’s reflect on your staff’s performance for 2022…

In our last blog you reflected from an individual perspective, now its time to consider your team. How did your team perform this year? Did you have any new key hires that changed your business landscape? Were there any Read more

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How to keep top performers

“My top performer is already on the highest salary bracket and still wants more. How do I keep them?”

So you have a high performer with more than 5 years experience (who’s used to receiving 5-15% increases previously), but now they’re at the Read more

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5 things NOT to say in performance reviews

We enter performance review season with the best of intentions.

And despite the typical resistance from employees (ranging from mild anxiety to ‘rolling eyes’ indignation)…

It’s our job to carefully coach staff to put their best foot forward and Read more

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Are annual performance reviews dead?

Is there still a place in today’s ever-connected world for the annual performance review?

Many high profile companies  like Adobe, GE, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and Netflix  are saying no.

Pointing to annual reviews as time-consuming and resource-sucking, Read more

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Does your organisation have a strong feedback muscle?

Do you have a workplace where people can provide feedback in a trusting and safe environment where feelings aren’t hurt, productivity isn’t compromised, and people don’t fear the experience?

Too often leaders and employees loathe the thought of having Read more

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Is your Performance Development Review process hitting the mark?

The end of the financial year is only weeks away. This time of year usually signifies the end of another year of performance, and therefore the need to start planning Performance Development Review discussions with your team.

This process Read more

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5 mistakes we see regularly with Probationary Period

Of course, both parties in a hiring situation hope for the best:

That is…the new employee will love their job and fit well with the rest of the team AND that they are an amazing asset to the business Read more

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