Seven undeniable reasons why your staff may hate a manager (Part One)

Tried and tested conversation starters and strategies for being a likeable and empowering manager

This month we will be focusing on a series around being an exceptional manager. 

If you’re a business owner, we recommend forwarding these on to Read more

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Most popular task management systems

And just like that, 2021 is almost finished! 

We have definitely conquered some crazy obstacles this year and juggled different tasks all at once. Allocating tasks to your team can be stressful, especially when you don’t have the right Read more

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“We’re at a mental health tipping point” — addressing current mental health concerns in the workplace and what to do about it

It would be no surprise to hear that the most common request for support I’ve had from clients is based around mental health at the moment. 

Since the 2020 pandemic broke out, we have reached another point of critical Read more

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2019 in review: The 5 biggest people / HR issues of last year and how to start your 2020 ahead of the game

What stressed you out in 2019? Chances are, it stressed a lot of other business owners out as well, so you are definitely NOT alone. Here are the top 5 things that challenged Employers in 2019.

1. Changes in Read more

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Productivity vs profit. How to maximise productivity in 2020.

According to The Harvard Business Review, a gifted mathematician was hired by a large organisation to come up with a sophisticated formula for measuring the productivity of staff members across a range of departments.

Even though profit was soaring, Read more

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Replace your traditional performance reviews with a 360 review program

Tired of just boss with employee reviews? Wouldn’t it be better to have more input for reviewing each person? This year try out 360 performance reviews. Read more
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6 savvy time saving secrets

Do you have any tricks you use to save time?

Aren’t you happy to have discovered those secrets?

That’s how I feel about the time-saving tools and tricks I use. If you missed last week, here’s a guide to Read more

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