6 Ways to Declutter Your Mind at Home (to Prepare You for Work Success)

As we continue our month-long focus on stress and feeling overwhelmed at work, we will focus this week on tips for what you can do at home to help you feel better at work.

You’ve probably heard such sayings as “happy wife = happy life”, but that also applies to work.

Happy workers equal happier and more productive workplaces. It is as simple as that.

In fact, in his book The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Anchor writes that when a person feels positive, the brain works much better — plus, people are more creative and better at solving problems.

1. Start the day by thinking about what you’re grateful for.

And while this might seem a bit wishy-washy to some, listing off what makes you happy or what you feel grateful for in your life to start off your day puts you in the right frame of mind.

Grab a coffee and set aside 10 minutes (phone, social media, and internet free minutes!).

List 5 things you’re grateful for in your life, and spend a few moments on each to really feel the appreciation and gratitude you have.

2. Do something nice for someone at home. 

Sometimes we forget that when things are great at home, they can also impact how you feel at work. So, make sure you look after the people who look after you. Whether that is your partner, children, family or supportive friends.

Do something surprisingly positive – could be breakfast in bed, flowers, leave a little thank-you card, put something in their lunch box or do something extra that you know they will love.

That good feeling you’ll get from making a gesture for someone without being asked that makes someone else happy has the potential to start (or end) your day right.

3. Get 30 minutes of exercise.

Nothing clears the mind like a good walk, ride, run or swim… In fact, we are seeing regular exercise intervals during the day now also be structured in diaries to activate peak performance.

Do whatever you enjoy that gets your body moving and your heart rate up.

It’s especially great if you can get that exercise outside and can reap the extra benefit of fresh air.

Watch for the rest of the tips for decluttering your mind:

What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed? Do you have any great tips to share?

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