Do you have a Mental Health Plan for your workplace? We can fix that quick smart.

Does your organisation have a Mental Health Plan? Not yet? Don’t worry – we have found an awesome tool that can fix that quick smart. 

Ok, I get a bit EXCITED when we find something that is super easy to complete, FREE and incredibly useful to workplaces and I am a little bit in love with this tool that really eliminates any reason for you not to have a mental health action plan in place. 

Whether you are small or medium to large – it tailors for both. 

As you know, we are constantly looking for ways to simplify our people processes and templates and create fun and engaging places to work for our clients. We regularly provide a variety of different kinds of information or develop tools and templates wherever we can so that as Business Owners and leaders, you can focus on the things you are geniuses at. 

But, rather than recreate something, I have found something that is already super easy to do and highly beneficial. 

Heads Up has a step-by-step way to build your own business Mental Health plan. Just click on the yellow button ‘Get Started’ and it will take you through the possible high risks you may have in your organisation. Once you click on that, it automatically populates some strategies and areas of focus.

Plus….you can even build your action list that can be shared with your team. It is very cool and super easy. 

They also have a range of super useful tips for Small businesses and Medium to Large ones.

As we recognise R U OK? Week, if you don’t have a Mental Health Action Plan in place, this is the perfect time to put one in place. 

So, if you do it, I would love to hear how you go. Send me a note sharing how you found it and even better, I would love to hear 1 action you will commit to make your organisation more healthy.