Dream Team 2023. Let’s reflect on your staff’s performance for 2022…

In our last blog you reflected from an individual perspective, now its time to consider your team. How did your team perform this year? Did you have any new key hires that changed your business landscape? Were there any critical people issues that arose this year that you’d like to nip in the bud? 

This is your chance to privately review your staff from your perspective, and develop a strategy of what you can do as a leader to steer people in your team in the right direction. 

Having a winning team in place is critical to any business success. The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to comprehensively review and revise both the things that are working in your people processes and the things that aren’t.

Here are some reflective questions to answer in regards to staff + team performance.

  1. How much time per week did you spend managing under-performance?
  2. How much time did your team spend managing under-performance or worrying about other staff members?
  3. What is the difference between your bottom performer results and your top performer?
  4. How many new people did you hire as replacements – assume minimum cost of $20k per position?
  5. Did you run any training last year to improve your staff’s skills set? What was the cost vs. benefit?
  6. Does each employee know what their key economic denominators are – i.e. the 3-5 things they do each week that deliver their results? YES / NO
  7. Do you have KPI’s linked to your strategic plan to ensure you stay on track? YES/ NO
  8. Did you have to pay out any notice last year for any departing employees? How much was that?
  9. Did you have any potential or actual industrial issues? What was this cost?
  10. How much money do you want to earn next year?
  11. How many days, weeks do you want to take off next year?
  12. What do you want your level of job satisfaction to be?
  13. How in control do you want to feel next year (score of 1-10)?
  14. What actions do you need to take to make the above happen?
  15. What skills (personal or team) will you need to continue to be a leader in your field?
  16. From the current list of tasks that you do, what things could you get someone else to do that is cheaper than your hourly rate (or give to someone who is an expert in that field)?
  17. What do you think is the most important thing you can do to motivate your team?

Once answering these questions, it will enable you to get a clear snapshot of how your staff are contributing to the success of your business. 

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