Not Just Candidates: Dos and Don’ts of Interviews for Employers

We’ll finish our month on recruitment with a topic that doesn’t often get covered:

The dos and don’ts of interviews for employers.

There are loads of tips and advice out there for candidates to help them through the process of interviewing, but we forget that not every employer knows the best way to handle interviews.

We want to help.

So we gathered feedback we’ve heard from candidates and put together a list of dos and don’ts of interviews for employers.

Do Google your candidates ahead of the interview.

It’s a quick and easy way to give yourself background on your candidate—from social media footprint to running a blog to completely unable to find the person.

Do give your candidates a heads up about who will be in the interview, how long it will take and any unique situations.

Candidates appreciate knowing ahead of time how many people might be in the room during the interview, or if there will be multiple short interviews with several people.

And, of course, a timeframe is extremely helpful, especially if they need to get off work from their current job.

Plus, giving them warning about special circumstances, such as tricky car parking, is important. You’d hate to make them flustered before the interview even starts.

Do smile, greet and welcome candidates to the interview.

While this seems like an obvious tip, you’d be surprised how many candidates tell us that employers won’t even smile or greet the candidates when they arrive for an interview.

While the employers are there, they simply show up flustered and in a hurry to get on with the interview that they simply forget or just skip over that very important part.

Don’t forget that you are actually meeting someone new, and you should greet them as you would anyone for the first time.

To hear the rest of the dos and don’ts of interviews for employers, watch the video.

Next: Do you have any tips that you’d share from your experiences? Will you implement any of the Do advice in your next interview?

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