EOFY Wrap up…..what a year!

Hey Bespokers, 


Well, we can definitely say this year, has been one of the most interesting end of financial years that we have had for long time.  With floods, bushfires, COVID-19 and much more, this year has certainly thrown up some challenges. 


Some key workplace lessons from 2019/2020

  • The importance of innovation, thinking outside of the box and moving quickly
  • The importance of resilience and getting back up when you fall down
  •  The importance of connection – with your team, customers, family and community
  •  The importance of collaboration and working with others
  • The importance of helping others wherever you can
  •  The importance of vulnerability and authenticity
  • The importance of flexibility 
  • The importance of demonstrating care and empathy
  • The importance of clear and open communication


These times have definitely shown stand out employers and stand out employees (and has also shown the opposite).


It has also demonstrated just how important it will be to deliver a positive Employee Experience (EX) in the future. EX is the ‘user experience’ of the company as is defined by Mercer as the “intersection of an employee’s expectations and the reality  of an organisation’s culture and day-to-day work life”. 


According to Mercer’s 2020 report titled ‘energise the experience’, employees will place a premium of how companies care for them. Once of the basic principles of energising employees is to really listen to them and understand ‘why’ they choose to come to work each day.  They state that energised employees are seeking an experience that is empathetic, embracing, enriching and efficient and these qualities will become even more critical as people begin returning back to ‘normal’ work patterns. 



“Support me by caring for what matters in my life” 


“Help me learn, grow and have an impact with the work I do”


“Make me feel like I belong here”



“Provide me with a frictionless work environment”

Mercer 2020 – Energise the Experience


How does your organisation stack up on considering and delivering the above? 


So as we head in to the new financial year, it will be a great opportunity to look at where your business currently sits in your relation to your culture and people platforms and what could be some focus areas to help. Start the next financial year with a clear plan of your people platforms by conducting a high level audit of your organisation https://90dca.com.au/cultureiqscore


Lastly, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us this year and we hope that we have been able to provide some useful support in return. Here is to an awesome new financial year!