Here is to your fabulous 2015! Tips to Setting Effective Goals

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to my clients, friends and supporters for all of your support over 2014. I really appreciate it and wanted to wish you and your families a New Year filled with lots of love, happiness, success, laughter, good health and many wonderful moments.
If you haven’t already…..this time is an opportune time to look at setting (or reviewing) your personal and professional goals for 2015. Below are some tips that might be helpful.

Where do I start…..Pre-Thinking Questions
(pick 3 that may resonate with you)
What do you want more of?
What do you want less of?
What makes you happy?
What are 5 things you really like about your life at the moment?
What are 5 things you wish you could change?
For my life to be perfect in every way….it would look like….?
How do you define success?

Forget New Year’s resolutions which are once off high level promises that tend not to be kept…To make your goals more attainable…..set proper defined goals that break down the precise steps you need to take.

The hardest part is to start by defining  what it is that you actually WANT first and then work backwards highlighting each step that would need to occur in order to be successful.

 How to Set Goals – 8 Tips

For each goal, write out your goal in detail – make it clear, specific and measurable. It is  important that you actually commit this to writing. If you cannot answer that you achieved it with  YES or NO – it is not specific enough.


Ensure your goals are achievable (with some stretch however not unrealistic).

For each goal, write WHY these goals are important to you… will it change your life? It is good to build emotion and connectivity to your goals to raise importance.

List the main obstacles and limitations that stand between you and your goals. If you have set this goal before, write down why you haven’t achieved this yet/what has stopped you in the past. Be aware of any negative ‘personal stories’ you tell yourself and change the story in your head around to a positive one.

List any additional knowledge/ education/ support and/or collaboration you need to achieve your goal. Often this is a step that is missed but is important in ensuring your success.

Now….drill down. For each goal, make a list of actions….. everything you can think of that you will have to do to achieve your goals.

Organise your list by priority (importance) and sequence (what must you do before something else).

Set deadlines on each action you are going to take.

Some things to remember:-

Make them part of your regular lifestyle – ie do something everyday/week to achieve your goals to keep them front of mind.

Write your goals down and have them somewhere accessible (if possible, displayed where you can see them regularly).

Tell someone else about them – the more you speak about them the better.

Set Review Points for your goals – calendar them now in your diary (to review at least bi-annually plus calendar your action points).

Set up an Accountability Partner or appoint a coach to work with you to build accountability and frequency of talking about your goals and actions (similar to a personal trainer). What you focus on expands. Ask me about how we can help you with this!

Celebrate like crazy small wins – make sure you congratulate yourself – celebrations helps us locks things in and be motivated to continue.

Need some help?…….The above is only a very quick snapshot of what we cover in our Personal Coaching and Training Programs plus not only can we provide you with all the support, tools and proformas to assist you even further towards achieving your goals, we can even partner with you to be your accountability partner! Don’t hesitate to give me a buzz or an email if I can help in anyway.

Best Wishes for 2015 and thank you again for your support , feedback and friendship! I look forward to staying in touch in the New Year.