9 Ways to Help You Feel Less Overwhelmed at Work

If feeling overwhelmed and stressed seems to be the new norm for you, you’re not alone.

It’s part of the cultural phenomenon that places “being busy” as a status symbol or makes you look important.

In fact, it’s such a problem that Deloitte Australia’s research, “The Overwhelmed Employee”, addressed the issue:

From more than 2,400 survey respondents, the researchers found that:

  • 41% of employees’ time is spent on “things that don’t satisfy them personally and do not help productivity”.
  • 65% of executives rated “the overwhelmed employee” as an “urgent” or “important” trend.

So, it’s not going away anytime soon.

That’s why we’re spending this month talking about feeling overwhelmed at work and how to cope.

We’re starting by providing 9 tips to stop that overwhelming feeling.

1. Stop and breathe.

When you’re in that mode of just feeling totally overwhelmed, it’s hard to do anything, let alone lead an organisation and make the right decisions.

So when you’re feeling like that, it’s best to just stop and breathe.

Take some time and refocus.

2. Go back to your plan.

If you don’t have a plan in place, then that’s your next step.

Your focus is to build out the next 90 days.

Focusing on just the next 90 days makes it a more realistic amount of time for you to plan out what you need to do.

3. Go back over your tasks and prioritise them.

How often does looking at your to-do list overwhelm you?

Well, don’t let it.

Prioritise them in order what needs to get done first, second, etc.

Once you know that, you start checking them off as you finish them, and that always feels good.

To hear the rest of the tips for feeling less overwhelmed at work, watch the video through our blog.

What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed? Do you have any great tips to share?

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