Five things to look for on LinkedIn profiles when searching for CEO roles

A great way to search for talent in 2022 is online. However, does this stand for executive leadership positions?

We have found some of our best executive talent through LinkedIn. So, what should you look for when you begin your search? 

1. Longevity and industry history 

How familiar are they with your industry? Are you recruiting for a digital SAAS company but the candidate shows on their LinkedIn profile that they’ve spent the last 30 years in brick and mortar retail? 

A profile can provide a great snapshot of how involved a candidate is with an industry. Are they members of industry groups and have connections with influencers within that space?

It can also be a great opportunity to assess longevity. Have candidates quickly progressed into their current roles, or has it been a slower climb? 

Depending on the style and type of CEO you need and the skills that sit under that role, you may need someone who is quick to evolve and adapt, or someone that has a solid foundation of experience backing them. 

2. Endorsements and testimonials 

What skills do others vouch for when it comes to your candidate? 

LinkedIn enables you to compare what skills are expressed on their CV vs what their peers and colleagues agree are their strengths.

Testimonials are also a quick way to do a preliminary ‘reference check’ on potential candidates without needing to contact anyone. 

3. Communication skills 

How does your potential CEO interact with others online? How do they show up in communications? Are they confrontational or supportive? Do they offer great advice? Are they a thought leader?

There’s several ways to get an impression of someone’s communication style based on how they communicate online. 

4. Education

LinkedIn can also provide some clues prior to the interviewing process to screen candidates at a preliminary level. 

Are there particular certifications or education the potential CEO has completed that may make them fit for the role, like an MBA, Australian Institute of Company Directors course or attended Harvard Business School? 

5. Trick question: Are they even ON LinkedIN?

Although LinkedIn is a great tool for uncovering talent, there may be many current CEOs that are not on social media or have an online presence at all.

An alternative would be to headhunt through industry journals or publications which may feature a CEO or executive whose views are considered as a thought leader. 

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