Five ways to share the love with your team at Christmas time

We absolutely honor the attitude of appreciation at this time of year. How can you show your team your gratitude for what they’ve achieved this year? 

It’s especially important to set some time aside over the holidays to pause, think, recharge and recommit to focusing on gratitude, and extend that to your team too. 

Creating a culture of thankfulness and acknowledgment is not only a “nice” thing to do — it’s also important for your business. 

As we end this year, here are five simple ways you can wrap up 2021 and say a big THANK YOU to your dream team. 

1. A care package

A great idea is to send a gift of appreciation to your clients. A simple DIY package with a variety of goods they’ll be eager to open and experience is a way to recognise how much you’ve appreciated their relationship. 

This gift box can be hand-crafted chocolates, notebooks or planners, a personalised cup with their name etc. It’s up to you how you want to curate the package.

2. Referral goodies

Do you have a few clients, team members or acquaintances that are continuously supporting you and promoting you to others? Maintain the momentum by sharing a thank you referral gift. 

You may give a simple Bunnings or Coles gift card or a percentage off an order with you. You want them to know how much their wonderful words mean to you and how much they assist your business to thrive.

3. A handwritten note

Never underestimate the power of a personalised, handwritten letter. This is a heartfelt (and cost-effective) way of expressing how much you appreciate a client or team member’s help and support. 

To personalise a note, think of a specific example of something they have done during the year that made you feel supported and highlight that in your letter. 

Share how they have assisted in the business and where your wins and celebrations are at credit to them. 

You also never know what others are going through, and what you say may mean a lot more to them than you think.

4. Shout your team for a dinner or lunch 

This can be exclusive to your team only or use it as an opportunity to invite your clients and other key stakeholders along to say thanks for the year. 

Schedule one day of the month where you can host a dinner or a more casual lunch. It provides an opportunity to socialise in a different setting from the office and reflect on the wins for a year. 

A quick heads up — remember if alcohol is involved, serve responsibly and ensure you still maintain a level of duty of care. You may want to offer taxi vouchers or offer to reimburse staff for their Uber charge home. 

5. What about a pot plant?

Give your clients and team a gorgeous flower arrangement or plant from your local store to brighten up their office setup. 

One advantage is that they are gender-neutral and appropriate for all ages. Numerous studies have shown that people who are surrounded by plants are more productive, joyful, and healthy. 

Indoor or desk plants can reduce stress and increase creativity while also upgrading their work area.


What a year we have all had. Accordingly, our team is also taking a well-earned break for the first time in 12 years to make sure we are all geared up and ready to support you with energy and passion in 2022.

For your planning, we are officially closing the office from 5pm on Thursday 23 December 2021 and opening again on Monday 10 January 2022. We will of course have skeleton staff for any emergencies that arise if you call (08) 8256 9073 or email