Gen Z: Here’s What We Know So Far

Have you ever met someone from a group or demographic that you didn’t know much about?

Maybe it made you feel a little uneasy.

Or maybe you were perfectly comfortable.

Whatever the case, it’s often difficult to immediately understand someone’s background or where they’re coming from.

That’s sort of how we feel about Generation Z.

The newest generation to hit the workforce

Generation Z has barely entered the workplace, especially in professional settings. Very little is known about their work styles and tendencies.

What do we know?

Born from 1996 to 2006, Gen Zers are masters of technology and tend to bring a competitive nature to the workplace. They want to grow, succeed, and achieve stability in their careers.

Technology’s role for Gen Zers

Gen Zers can hardly imagine a world without the internet, as it’s been nearly ubiquitous since they were born.

“Gen Z appears to have a very positive relationship with technology,” shares Deep Patel in a recent Forbes article. He explains, “Gen Zers use technology to gain perspective on people different from themselves, and they believe tech can help them manifest their big ideas to improve the world.”

The value to companies?

Well, rather than simply using technology, Gen Zers know how to optimise it in the work setting.

They might contribute by:

  • Helping to implement or introduce new technologies
  • Researching new tools and programs
  • Mentoring or assisting other generations with tech systems
  • Utilising technology to improve company processes
  • Communicating and engaging with customers through their in-depth experiences

But what about outside of technology?

Not only do Gen Zers bring their computer and smartphone skills, they bring a sense of activism to the office.

They want to see that their work makes an impact—on the business, and usually, the community.

According to Forbes, “Sixty percent of Gen Zers want their job to impact the world for the better.”

What can we do to engage this young, savvy, activist-minded group?

Companies can embrace Gen Zers and maximise their value by making room for fresh opportunities.

Gen Zers generally appreciate:

  • A company that has a purpose-driven mission
  • Opportunities to try new approaches and technologies
  • Ability to get involved or lead projects that benefit the community
  • Constant feedback
  • Professional development opportunities (including remote and online options)
  • Flexibility of work location and schedule

Getting to know Gen Z

Perhaps the biggest thing when dealing with Gen Z is to remember that we don’t know much yet.

If you’re interviewing or recruiting Gen Zers, ask them what is important to them in a job and company. Get to know them and understand what they value.

As you begin to employ Gen Zers, check in with them and ask for their input. What motivates them? What do they like about their current work and what might need changing?

By having an open and honest relationship with your employees—of any generation—you’ll build stronger partnerships. Retention increases, employees are more satisfied, and you’ll have more people working toward the same goals.

Truly motivating your employees

If you’re looking to ramp up your employee engagement and performance—which most leaders are—take a look at what motivates each generation.

Any questions?

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