You can’t have great HR without great leadership

We’re going to take this month to begin introducing the topics that we cover much more in-depth in our 90-day program.

We’ll first start by covering the BespokeHR model, which is the foundation of the program and, really, our business process that we work with our clients on:

BespokeHR Model

It all starts with what every business owner wants: a profitable, enjoyable business (and we would also add a high performing team but it is too much to fit in the middle).

And the reason that phrase is set in the middle is that we start by thinking about what the end game is. What do you want to end up with?

When most business owners or company executives come to see us, they’re generally experiencing issues that draw their attention to HR.

For example, they might not be compliant and are worried about fines and how it will affect their business. Or, they don’t know how to recruit the right people, aren’t achieving the results they want or are losing people.

If they try to fix it themselves and only focus on that one particular area, they won’t get the best results—and ultimately it becomes a band-aid approach.

To get a long-term fix that is sustainable, we recommend the business owners or executives walk through the following four phases: define, attract, manage and grow.

It’s important you don’t skip around or only do one subsection under each of those topics.

For instance, if you skip around and focus on recruitment or interview questions, for example, you still won’t find the best people if you don’t first do the dream, compare and lead parts. You won’t have truly clarified who the right fit for your business is and how to set them up for success.

In our experience, when you follow the pathway, completing all the steps in the right order, you achieve the best results.

Breaking down the define phase

When we start this program, I will ask you what you want for your business, what you want for yourself, and the kind of standards you have in place for your leaders.

  1. Dream: What do you view as success, both individually and for the business? I mean, what do you really want and how do you break that down. What is your vision, culture/values and type of environment that you want to have in place?
  2. Compare: How do your HR standards and people platforms look in comparison to where others sit? From policies to procedures to different processes in place, such as how you review performance, salaries or reward and recognition. What do you have in place already and what should you have in place?
  3. Lead: How do you want your leaders to be described? Remember that leaders will set the height for success for your business so it is important to clearly understand what the difference is in leaders when they are operating at 10 vs. a 2.

Attracting the right people

Once you’ve defined the key components of the business, then you turn your attention to attract.

  • Maximise: When you look at the next five years, what roles and team make up will your business need? Or perhaps how do you become more efficient if that is applicable (i.e., trim back a few positions)?
  • Create (or Employer Brand): Why should people work for you? How do people find you (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)?
  • Recruit: How do you tell people about who you are and what you really need? What are your recruitment processes?

Now you’ve got them, how do you manage?

Once you’re in the manage phase, we’re talking about managing performance and productivity in the workplace.

For example, what is your process for onboarding a new employee over the first year and what is their employee experience? It’s critical in terms of setting up an employee for success.

We also cover your communication processes from meetings/stand-ups to the processes in place you have for building an open feedback culture. Managing performance is about managing both poor and great performance and how you handle overseeing both.

Now it’s time to think big: grow

The team is in place, and now it’s time to figure out how you develop them.

Here are a few things we discuss:

  • Behaviour and different team member profiles to build effective, productive and high performing teams
  • Retention tools such as wellness and reward and recognition programs
  • Positive disruption, innovation and thinking big

But here’s the kicker…

We can do all this hard work, put everything in place, but if you don’t have this ONE THING, it doesn’t happen.

Effective, inspiring, consistent leadership.

In order to develop and grow the business per this model, you need to invest in your leaders to ensure they develop the skills they need to be the best leaders they can be, as well as work through our process.

Do both, and you’ll achieve the best results.

Next: Are you ready to take the first step?

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