Happy Holidays! With love, from the Bespoke HR team

We’d like to take this chance to send all of our beloved clients, friends and colleagues a Happy Christmas and New Year. 

In the spirit of staying true to reflections, we’d like to share some of our own reflections with you all. 

Among many things we were fortunate to do, below are some highlights:

  • Saw the launch of our new 90 Day Culture Accelerator online program, which encompasses over 20 years of people performance training.
  • Celebrated our official 10 year birthday of Bespoke HR – over a decade of working with YOU. 
  • Hit over 10,000 followers on LinkedIN.
  • Welcomed a new staff member – Julmarie to our HR & Admin team. 
  • Welcomed 52 new clients to our community.
  • Had the opportunity to host close to 200 leaders through our private and public programs. 
  • Honoured to be a presenter at over 25 different forums reaching close to 1500 people.
  • Documented all of our key processes.

Things we supported our clients with that worked really well:

  • Focus on humanising workplaces and building open feedback environments. 
  • Investing in their employer brand, vision, mission, purpose and putting values at the centre of their business. 
  • Leadership training and ongoing accountability check-ins. 
  • 90 day sprints and planning sessions. 
  • Developing and rolling out culture codes.  
  • Adding in behavioural assessments to recruitment and team building processes. 
  • Internal recruitment programs.
  • Building effective career pages. 
  • Embracing mental health initiatives in the workplace.
  • Reviewing layouts of office to optimise work productivity. 
  • Embracing different generation pros and cons.

Some of the big problems that we may have been presented with:

  • Increased frustrations from business owners and leaders of the complexities of managing staff. 
  • Avoiding conflict and waiting too long to have conversations with team members about bad performance and/or conduct.
  • Leaders being too scared to have any kind of conversations with team members in fear of retribution.  
  • Total frustration, fear and misunderstanding surrounding mental health.
  • Increased impact (frustration and lack of understanding) of mental health issues, suicide and drugs in the workplace. 
  • Lack of succession planning and/or clarity over organisation structure and responsibilities.
  • Family and/or partner fighting, conflict and/or alignment to company vision and growth strategies. 
  • Concerns regarding underpayment of wages (particularly around annualising salaries around the $50-$65k mark).
  • Lack of accountability and care factor. 
  • Talent deficits and inability to find good team members. 

As always, if you need help and support with any of the above, yell out and we would love to see if we can help. 

Our vision remains strong in supporting and improving the work lives of business owners and team members. We’re on a mission to help build workplaces in Australia that people enjoy working for and business leaders enjoy running.

We want to help business leaders expand their services and products by attracting, retaining and growing the right team members to support their vision. This means more jobs and more potential opportunity. 

We want to build our future leaders and help business leaders create more impact, more returns and gain more control of their time to work on things they love.

We follow the principle that happier teams = happier families = happier communities. We believe that everyone is the right fit for the right business. The key is to unlock what that is for both the business and the individual.

I can’t wait to work with you all again in 2020, and help you combat your people problems and grow a business you love. 

Paulette x