Have a recognition program in place.

Simon Sinek once said “There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.”

Creating an incentive plan for your company can benefit you and your team. It’s a double edged sword!

While some of the advantages vary from company to company, many companies experience financial and emotional benefits on a long-term basis.

  • Reduced turnover due to a significant decrease in employee discontent.
  • Productivity stellar. We can vouch for this!
  • Superior moral employee. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for doing what they are doing?
  • Wellness improvement, especially if health and wellness incentives are offered.
  • The team work of the friendly office encourages cooperation and cooperation as many incentives.
  • Improved reputation, the positive attitude of employees to the brand.

We have implemented a range of reward and recognition initiatives in recognition of our employees’ efforts to exceed our customers’ expectations and to be outstanding Team players.

The following are:

1. Living Our Values, Outstanding Performance and Initiative

  • Commendation Certificates

Upon receipt from a customer of a commendation for service, the team member will receive a ‘Commendation Certificate’. Commendation certificates can also be issued by any team member.

  • Rockstar of the Quarter

All staff will be invited to provide any nominations for the ‘Rockstar of the Quarter’. All staff are eligible to be nominated. Nominations should be made directly in line with our Values. Winners will be given a certificate and a $100 gift card. This will be awarded quarterly.

  • Innovation Award

Have you got an idea about how the business may do something better? If you have a suggestion about a change of process, procedure or introduction of something new that may result in an increase to the Company’s overall profit (or cost reduction) and the initiative is accepted and implemented by the Company, you may be eligible to receive this award. All staff are invited to submit an initiative at any time. Nominations for this award will be reviewed annually in November and if successful, winners may be eligible to receive a $500 voucher (to be presented in December).

  • Company Heritage Awards

These prestigious awards are made in December in recognition of employees who have demonstrated some of the key attributes of our Founders:

The Founder 1 Award

This Award is provided to an employee who demonstrates the most care factor and leads our Company Values the most. Employees who have been nominated for the Rockstar of the Quarter will be considered for the winner of this prestigious award and will receive a $500 incentive payment. The FOUNDER 1 will be announced in December at our annual Christmas function.

The Founder 2 Award

This is awarded to the employee who demonstrates the most business acumen and ownership and consistently goes above and beyond to improve results, processes and systems for our business. To be nominated for this award, this employee must display exemplary all-round work performance, high level customer service, a positive work attitude and set the benchmark for other staff members. Winners of this award will receive a $500 incentive payment and will be announced in December at our annual Christmas function.

Winners of these two awards will also be presented with perpetual personalised exclusive awards which will be displayed at reception.

2. Length of Service Awards

In recognition of our employees’ loyalty to the Company, employees will receive the following ‘Years of Service’ Awards.

Year 1: Email shout out regarding 1 year achievement.

Year 5: You will be formally presented with a five (5) Year Service Certificate and gift.

Year 10: You will be formally presented with a ten (10) Year Service commemorative plaque and your family invited to share a morning tea with team.

Retiring: If you have been with the Company for 5 years or more and are retiring, you will also receive a gift which may be selected to the below value:

For 5+ years’ service: $100

For 10+ years’ service: $200

3. Celebrate

We also love to celebrate a few things in our team in we want you all to help:

Birthdays: We celebrate with a cake and a song for our team member.

Weddings: We couldn’t be happier for you and love to celebrate your relationship.

Newborns: We like to welcome our littlest team supporter to the world.

Employee incentive programs are a sure way of keeping  your people more satisfied. Employers who emphasize the happiness of their employees boost their productivity and maintain a high level of retention. All this combined leads to longer-term sales and cultivates a strong team of professionals that contribute in a variety of ways to business development.


We at BespokeHR are looking forward to hearing why you need incentive programs for employees in your company and giving you valuable insight into where to begin!