Have you planned for what could go right?

After a year of planning or responding to what could go wrong (either intentionally or by necessity), I thought it would be great to start our first blog of the year with planning for what could go right? 

If nothing was holding you back and you were not afraid to do anything, what would you love to do in your business and how would you love to be known by your clients/customers?

This is such a powerful question to ask yourself and allow yourself to dream about. 

After all, “What you focus on expands. Results follow focus” Marcus Buckingham.  

So, what are you focusing on right now? What would success look like in Dec 2021 if you were telling your mentor, good friend or colleague about what you are proud to have achieved? 

This week, I am keeping it super short and bite size as I would prefer for you to focus on the above question – even for just 15 minutes and write it down.

Then you can think about the type of team and resources you need in place to support you deliver your vision and goals. 

Need some extra help? We help clients with these types of questions all the time and have some cool thinking and planning tools to assist you work through this if you need. As always, reach out if we can offer any assistance.


Here is to an awesome 2021, despite any challenges that are thrown at us!