How can you install culture?

It’s easy to see why HR can seem kind of intimidating.

And why many business owners put off digging into their HR processes and structures (often until it’s too late).

Because it takes a special breed of specific planning, awareness and skills to get the best out of your people.

Here’s a very simple 5-step framework you can follow to install the culture you want:

My 5-step framework for installing new culture

Step #1: Define it

Hopefully by now you realise how important it is to define your culture and feel comfortable defining your culture. This is best done by looking at what you want it to be, validating it with your employees, then doing a gap analysis of where you need to be. 

Step #2: Teach it

One you have defined it, spread the word. Communicate it and be open if there are areas that you want to change. In the first instance this is best communicated verbally by stories and examples. Then, ensure it’s replicated through all of your collateral (i.e. website, induction packs, position descriptions, emails etc.).

Step #3: Live it

The worst thing you can do is set and forget. Or even worse, set it and allow leaders to get away with not following it. This must be lived, led and examples set at the highest level. Culture is not just about what we say. It’s about what we do. REMEMBER MY FAVOURITE SAYING…..THE STANDARD YOU WALK PAST IS THE STANDARD YOU ACCEPT.

Step #4: Measure it

What’s measured can be managed. So super importantly – don’t forget to review how you will measure culture in your workplace. My recommendation is to focus on 1-3 areas at a time.

Step #5: Reward it

Review how you recognise and reward positive examples and ensure they are consistent with how you achieve your financial objectives.