How did your business perform this year? A 60 minute check up…

As we’re beginning to wrap up the year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how your business has performed, and where you want to head in the forthcoming years. 

This second part of the blog series will look at a selection of helpful questions to review your progress. 

These questions are what Bespoke HR clients use every year to set themselves up for success in the next year.

Again, it may be useful to write down the following questions in a journal, or in a word document. 

  1. How did your business or department perform last year vs. budget (did you achieve your targets)?
  2. Compared to your competitors, how do you think you performed (1-10)?
  3. What budgets have you set for next year? What % increase or decrease?
  4. What are the most important things you will need to do to ensure success i.e. introduce different skills sets like digital, address poor performers or recruit new team?
  5. What changes do you anticipate will happen to your industry / department? How will that impact your business and resources?
  6. What jobs do you do or have in your business / department that could be systemised or outsourced?
  7. What potential risks are there that could impact your performance?
  8. What factors influence your head count / resourcing requirements? What are your key busy periods of the year – how do you plan ahead for this?
  9. Do you have enough flexibility in your resourcing structure to flex up (to cater for additional business) or flex down in line with the above? What changes might you need to make (identify what your minimum resource requirements are)?
  10. How do you review performance within your business / team / individually?
  11. How up to date are you policies / procedures and contracts?
  12. What areas of compliance will be your focus for the next year?
  13. How often and what process will you adopt to audit these areas?

We’d love to hear from you and share your reflections. Email if you’d like to share with us how this reflection assisted you.

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