How to effectively plan an Onboarding Program

By now, we are all familiar with the contrary belief that the Onboarding process should  not start on the first day of a new job. Onboarding begins before the new hire even started their day one. From the moment they were offered the job and signed the contract, that’s where Onboarding begins. It allows you to make the best use of the key time between making that final offer and the new hire’s first day. This is where you maximise the opportunity and knowledge you can impart for their first day and set them up for success.

This week, we are sharing a checklist you can use to plan your very own Onboarding plan. 

Before the new hire starts

  • Call to clarify expectations on the first day, office hours, dress code etc.
  • Prepare an onboarding/orientation pack with employee handbook, company info, organisational charts, job description, maps, information on each department, links to resources etc.
  • Create a learning and development plan to be discussed and refined with the employee during the first week. 
  • Work with IT to prepare technology equipment and have relevant logins for work systems and business applications created. 
  • Notify department, team members and possibly the entire organisation of the new hire with start date, position etc.

First Day

  • Tour of the organisation, welcoming the new employee and introducing them to team members, various departments, and the layout of the facility.
  • Run them through their schedule for the week.
  • Explain the role in more detail, including how it fits in with the department and contributes to the organisation.
  • Run through day-to-day work-related policies. Travel reimbursement, security, overtime compensation, lunch breaks, leave request etc.

First Week

  • Training for business applications and work systems.
  • Enable employees to meet fellow team members in an informal social setting to speed up the relationship building process.
  • Create employee goals, KPIs and milestones, as well as annual performance review process.
  • Review calendar of events.

During the first few weeks or month

  • Further clarify the employee’s role in the company.
  • Schedule regular one-on-one meetings, specifically to elicit feedback about how well the new employee is performing and acclimated to their organisational culture, and if there is any additional support and/or training they feel is required.
  • Make sure it is easy for them to contact you for feedback.
  • Continue introducing them to employees in the company, and encourage them to attend social events.

During the first 3-6 months

  • Initial review of progress towards KPIs and milestones. 
  • Request feedback from employees to understand their perceptions of the job and if it aligns with their expectations.
  • Offer continued support to help guide the worker’s attitude and productivity.