How aligned is your team with your business values?

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Many business owners set out with the intention of being successful. However, how do we really define success? 

One could assume that small business success is unique to each individual. Your personal experience of greatness is a different story to others – we all have our own ways of defining what success means to us.

According to Harvard Business Review, when organisations develop positive, virtuous cultures based on a set of values, they achieve significantly higher levels of organisational effectiveness — including financial performance, customer satisfaction, productivity, and employee engagement.

The question is, how do you know that your team aligns with your values?

This week we have an awesome HR Hack where we will guide you on how you can determine if your team is clear on what success looks like and is aligned with your core DNA.

The best way to understand success is to not only know what success and a great fit looks like to you but also to clearly understand what success doesn’t look like. Where do you sit?

Here are some examples of values and the associated definitions. You can create and communicate something similar in your business. 

Value # 1: We want to be the best at what we do

  • We are passionate about creating amazing end-to-end experiences each and every time.
  • We demonstrate welcoming, friendly, and positive energy for our team and customers
  • We are ambitious and strive to lead in our field or department.
  • We deliver outstanding service to customers, clients or guests.
  • We celebrate the company’s achievements and continue to learn, on repeat.

Value # 2: We make things happen

  • We are open to asking questions on how we can understand and do things better.
  • We see problems as opportunities and find ways to work smarter to deliver excellence for the business.
  • We are quick to adapt to change and transitions.
  • We make plans ahead and use time effectively.
  • We are transparent in giving suggestions, resolutions or recommendations for the good.

Value #3: We are ONE team

  • We recognise and appreciate diversity and individual skill sets, knowledge and strengths that each team member brings to the business.
  • We show mutual respect and appreciation for each other.
  • We do not gossip and maintain a positive and inclusive team.
  • We practice freedom to speak up and share information that helps or leads to business success
  • We always live and lead the company values and gently let others know when they are not. 

Value # 4: We take accountability

  • We ensure all applications, tools and equipment are in great condition. 
  • We are always proud of how we represent ourselves and the company. 
  • We create a safe environment and sustainability is always a priority. 
  • We are accountable in delivering our promises and will own up to mistakes and learn from them.

Value #5: We are brand ambassadors

  • We will always be positive and passionate advocates of the business’ vision and values.
  • We fiercely protect the brand and stand as champions for the business 
  • We go above and beyond in creating a brand that channels positivity to customers. 
  • We have a thirst for learning more and invest in training to improve skills.

Is your team aligned with your core DNA?

Do they perform and lead by your success factors?

With this snapshot, have a discussion with your team about what your core values mean to them, and enable them to share examples of what that looks like, and more importantly — what it doesn’t look like. 

What methods do they use to bring these values to life? What can you do to encourage more of these habits? 


Do you want an extensive and more in-depth guide of your success factors? We are here to help! Email us at and we’ll be happy to discuss with you on how you can scale your business values and guide you on how to implement them in your team. 

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