Looking Back on 2018: Reflect, Review and Reignite for the New Year

December has arrived, whether you like it or not. I swear…where did November go?

Not only does it mean the holidays are upon us, but the calendar year is almost over.

And we all know the end of the year often makes people want to reflect on the past 11 months and think about ways to improve, keep things that worked and goals for the coming year.

So, grab a cup of your favourite coffee and put the pen to paper or perhaps your tablet, and let’s work through some exercises that will help you set your sights on a productive and effective 2019.

Reflect on 2018 and consider where you want your career to go.

Start With the Positives

Write down your answers to each question.

  • What are your top 3 achievements in 2018?
  • What processes or tools did I develop in 2018 that worked?
  • Name one goal you had for 2018 that you achieved.
  • Did any particular tactic lead to new relationships, partnerships or opportunities?
  • What did I spend the most time on this year that paid off?
  • What was the best moment with the team this year?

Things to Work on

Now it’s time to think back on the year and take the time to examine what didn’t work for you and your team.

  • What’s one big lesson I learned in 2018?
  • In what area of our company did I make the most mistakes this year?
  • What were my three biggest disappointments in 2018, business-wise?
  • What did I spend time on this year that didn’t pay off or I resented?
  • What was the worst moment with my team this year?

Happy New Year! What are your 2019 business goals?

Set Goals for 2019

OK, now it’s time to think about the future. You don’t always have to think big—sometimes it’s about setting goals that are achievable, too.

  • What are your financial targets and strategies for each quarter of 2019 (ie in 90 day blocks)? Tip: Start with where you want to be in December 2019 and work in backward blocks.
  • What process or tactic did you do in 2018 that you want to KEEP in 2019?
  • What process or tactic did you do in 2018 that you want to STOP in 2019?
  • What process or tactic do you want to START in 2019?
  • Do we need to add any staff in 2019? Are there any staff changes that need to be made in 2019 to improve the overall team?
  • What is one thing that we need to do in 2019 that will both benefit the future of the company AND your personal enjoyment?

These are just several ideas to get you started thinking about potential goals for 2019. Set yourself up for success in 2019–that means don’t just write down the goals and forget about them. Follow up! Build your 90 day sprint for Jan-March in December. Regroup and make sure you check with yourself and your team regularly.

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