The Value of Employees Being All In (And 7 Ways to Capitalise On It)

If you don’t think it’s important that your employees understand, and hopefully even stand behind, what your business does, then you miss out on some amazing benefits of engaged employees.

And, no, the answer to why employees should enjoy coming to work is NOT because “I pay them to,” just in case you already thought it.

The biggest reason to talk to your staff about your brand and what the business stands for to get buy in is because they already are out there in the world talking about your business—or worse, not saying anything.

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Not Just a Job, But a Career

No one wants to hear that their employees answer the question about what they do and why with, “Eh, it’s a job.”

Keep in mind, it’s not just something big companies need to worry about—small business owners should remember staff should see the benefits of working there as well. It might be such things as access to all levels of leadership, learning about the entrepreneurial spirit, being able to make a difference immediately for customers, and more.

Having employees who understand what your business is trying to achieve doesn’t equate to them coming everyday skipping. However, it does normally translate to additional off hours talk about their work, promoting the company to potential customers or staff and general good will in their network.

Beyond just talk, this connection could translate into significant benefits for your company.

If you happen to be in the position of having connected employees, then there are some excellent ways to help your business.

Employees Connected? Use It!

Encourage staff to update LinkedIn profiles

Once your employee updates his or her LinkedIn profile to say he or she works at your company, there’s yet another person out there who is talking about your business. What’s even better is if their profiles goes one step further and gives a brief description of your company or has the value statement. It’s important your employees are proud of where they work!

Share business content to their network

Taking it to the next level is when your staff feels comfortable sharing content about your company on their social network—from news to open positions. If they are excited about the company and what it does, then it could easily translate into an excellent new hire or even an additional customer.

Note: Forcing your staff to share content isn’t going to work. They need to feel comfortable. It’s best if they do it on their own, or at the very least with a gentle push.

HR Business Brand Employee Engaged

Set up a staff referral program

Formalise a staff referral program, and reap the benefits of gaining new hires who already heard great things about your company and want to do well.

A standard program might work out as follows:

  • Current staff member recommends someone who gets hired
  • That new hire stays on for at least six months
  • Then employee who made recommendation receives a bonus, such as $1,500
  • Could be different amounts for different levels of staff

Improve the employment page

Make sure it’s easy to apply for jobs at your organisation. Does your employment page include information on how to apply if they are just interested in your company but there isn’t a specific opening? If not, fix it.

First impressions start with the receptionist

Your brand is expressed from the start by whoever answers the phone or greets people at the door. So not only does your leadership need to be all in on your company and its purpose, it needs to trickle down to everyone on your staff. That includes the receptionist or customer call center (even if it’s offshore!).

Utilise that email signature

One more final tip includes thinking about what your employees put on their email signature. Does it include more than the company name? What about your tag line or promoting upcoming event or product? What about a mission statement that might give an overview of what your company does? You never know when this might get someone asking a friend about what the company is that he or she works for and what the job is.

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