Pick me! Pick me!

You’re looking to recruit quality staff, yet the odds are stacked against you…

Neither blessed with a big-budget, nor a sexy, in-demand role or industry…

How do you separate your company from the competition and attract new talent?

In a 2013 Forbes article titled “Six Reasons Your Best Employees Quit You”, Louis Efron states why employees commonly leave:

  1. Company doesn’t have a clear vision
  2. No connection to the big picture
  3. No empathy
  4. No effective motivation
  5. No future
  6. No fun

Notice there wasn’t any mention of money?

Yes money is important, but it’s not the most important thing. So don’t get too hung up on it!

What this list above describes is the mental state of people who are dissatisfied with their current employer and role.

These are the candidates who you will be attempting to attract!

So now let’s use these insights into their psychology to help your company stand out.

8 Ways To Stand Out As An Employer

Consider these areas when crafting your recruitment advertising and your internal referral program:

1. Define your why

What does your company stand for and believe in? How do you serve your customers?

  • Make sure your company has a clear Mission, Vision and Values and knows it’s direction for the next 5 years.
  • Share any Corporate Social Responsibility that the company supports or believes in (where applicable).
  • What do you offer that’s different? Is it stability, a proven history, flexibility, flat structure, fast moving organisation, award winning, community serving etc.

2. Use your employees’ voice

Survey employee engagement and satisfaction to find the positive stories from your employees’ perspective.

  • Share an employee testimonial or video about what it’s like to work for your company.
  • Feature these stories on your website and onboarding collateral.

3. Development and progression

Can you offer a unique form of personal or professional development?

  • Example: provide employees with a career coaching session annually (this may be externally facilitated or if funds are tight, identify key leaders in the business to provide guidance).
  • Look outside your industry for examples of what your competitors are notdoing (that can set you apart to potential candidates).

4. Lead with culture

Be clear about the type of culture your company aspires to.

  • Your culture may not be right for everyone, but that’s ok. It will match what that right someone is looking for.

5. Your leaders’ strength

People can be inspired by, committed to, and motivated through the influence of high-quality business leaders.

  • Highlight who this is in your company, what their experience is and describe their management style
  • Have they previous developed and grown people underneath them? If so, make sure you highlight this.

6. Flexible reward strategies

It’s no longer treat people how you want to be treated, but treat people how they want to be treated.

  • Have a range of options that you can use to motivate your team (i.e. days off, financial, fitness, vouchers or certificates).
  • Don’t forget the basics like saying thank you, providing opportunities for learning and development, family support and inclusion in different types of projects or work.

7. Show you care

If you can’t afford an Employee Assistance Program, at least have clear policies on how you manage sickness, leave and reporting internal and external issues.

  • Using people’s names and remembering things about their family and background helps build connection with your team to make them feel valued.
  • Don’t wait to follow up. If you think an employee is not ok, act immediately and ask.

8. Bring back the fun!

Don’t forget that people are generally happy to work hard, but they also need time to switch off and have some fun!

  • Think about what you can put in place in your workplace to have some fun (relevant to your team).

Use all 8 points in your next job Ad and you’ll show candidates that you can offer what they’re truly looking for!

Once you’ve attracted interested candidates, the next step is to conduct effective interviews to ensure that you make an offer to the right person.

Any questions?

If you have questions on this topic or any others, feel free to reach me by email or set up a free one-on-one consultation session, or drop me a comment below.

Thanks for sharing!